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Thread: removing tenured from teachers.

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    Default removing tenured from teachers.

    oh god, i wish they would do it. you know the people that do horrible in the profession and go back to teach it because they sucked and now they make it miserable for everyone else trying to get through the material?

    what are you thoughts on this? why the world do we even have this? someone please tell me why?!
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    Some thoughts are that:
    1) I was taught by founders of companies and the best in their fields (literally, the ones who wrote the book on their subjects). I would hardly consider them people who did horrible in the profession and then decided to go back to teach.
    2) Teaching is a very different skill from doing research (though both are a part of academia). If you are trying to learn the very basics at a research university, I think you'll have a harder time than at a community college, on average. If you are trying to learn more advanced topics from the very people pushing the frontiers, a research university is great.
    3) Tenure was created on the basis of providing academic freedom. Whether the current system actually does this, I think is pretty debatable.
    4) You seem frustrated by a particular situation. Though the situation is common enough that I think it warrants attention.
    5) Lecture is a horrible format for learning concepts and skills. I think it is better suited for "evangelism", "criticism", and "debate" for lack of better words. That is where a person presents ideas, the audience skeptically pokes at the ideas, and then there is some discussion. Being "graded" by the very person trying to convince you of something just seems odd to me.
    6) Some concepts cannot be rendered clearly without some actual experience as points of reference.

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    I would rather guess you should change school?
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