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Thread: North Korea wants to attack the U.S.

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    North Korea is China's cat's paw, as Japan is America's cat's paw.

    America has stationed troops in Australia not subject to Australian law and are dragging us into a war with China.

    America can't hope to defeat China on the mainland, but they can defeat China on the sea and in the air.

    China is the rising power and America is the declining power and, if history is any indication, they will clash.

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    the "fat kid" references tickle me. but seriously. i would love n. korea to try to start something. not only will it make my mundane existence more interesting, but we would wipe out an entire country full of batshit crazy evolutionary anomalies. dont get me wrong, i love all peoples and cultures. i love s. koreans and their culture. but have you SEEN our propaganda on n. koreans? these are some crazy fucks!

    on a more serious note. our country could have arranged a surgical strike on n. korean leadership a long time ago. and we didn't. there's a good reason for all of this rhetoric. what the reason is escapes me as it is well beyond my paygrade. but i do find it all very entertaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r.a View Post
    on a more serious note. our country could have arranged a surgical strike on n. korean leadership a long time ago. and we didn't. there's a good reason for all of this rhetoric.
    Russia and China wouldn't have been too happy about a surgical strike, and then there's a power vacuum right after the US has killed their worshipped "Dear Leader". Take Iraq and multiply by 100.

    Most recently, I hear North Korea has wised up after one of our diplomats quoted that "...but words will never hurt me" counter-taunt. Now the North is hurling sticks and stones across the DMZ.

    North Korea definitely has the asymmetric/psywar/deception thing down pretty well.

    I think this might be one clue:

    "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak." -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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    Just some New Leader Bravado, I figure; attempting to blur the perceptual lines between his own importance/impotence. His citizens get no counter-feedback, so it's really just a big show for them. Like a country of overly-sheltered creepy homeschooled kids who believe their parent is a wizard, or some other wacky shit.
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    Well considering that the last missile that they apparently tested failed, and I've heard that their rockets can only travel within a 1000 mile radius, I am not too worried about what will come out of this. Although entertaining the idea of the potential for war is fun, I'm not sure things will really escalate to that level.
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    I'm shaking in my boots.
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    I think this is just saber rattling to consolidate power within NK. A new leader wanting his supporters to know that he is unafraid of America.

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    Intelligence Gathering

    China supplies North Korea with 90% of its energy and 50% of its food. So China could close down North Korea tomorrow. Instead China is using its proxy, North Korea, in an intelligence gathering exercise.

    For rising Chinese power is expanding into the Pacific and only the USA stands in the way. So it is vital for the Chinese to know whether the USA has the political will to stay in Asia, or will they run.

    And in this vein it is important to the Chinese to know what military resources the USA is prepared to deploy in Asia.

    So the Chinese have the North Koreans make blood curdling threats to see how the USA will respond.

    (And as all of you have learnt by now: the meaning of any communication is its response - in this case, the response of the US to North Korea's threats).

    So the Chinese are engaged in an intelligence gathering exercise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    I know! Why is N. Korea always threatening? It never seems to stop. Every couple of years, they make a threat.
    What do they want?
    They are insecure. Inferiority complex.

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    Just fire the damn missile already. that we can watch it fizzle out or be shot down.

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