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Thread: Obama's Gun Control Proposals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    It couldn't be any worse than the Intelligent Design movement.
    It would be extremely difficult to be any worse than the ID movement, in terms of politicizing 'science' to promote an agenda.....but no federal agency uses tax dollars to promote Intelligent Design.

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    As much as I hate to bring this thread back up, I found this blog-post/article on a different site, and consider it fairly thought-provoking, so I'd like to share it with you.

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    everyone is sorta jumping on this band wagon. some of the rants coming from the dem side is starting to sound as crazy as the tea partiers. i dont believe there is a true concern but more of a purpose of engineering and securing themselves another term. damage control is in order, to preserve reason.

    better solution for to prevent another sandy hook, is to add bullet proof windows. security cameras. add criminal justice class in schools and have a cop teach it.
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