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Thread: Aphrodite Questions the Necessity of So Many Men~

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    I'm not a cunt. I'm a sweet, intelligent woman.
    I didn't call you a cunt. I was pointing out that you've been using the word "dick" exclusively.

    You could've used "asshole." Women have assholes too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    I think most would agree that sinning and harming others is not something society should endure. Which is why there are laws.

    If you wanna be a dick and hang out with dicks, then keep to yourselves. I guess that's asking too much. Dicks are dicks because they hurt innocent people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post

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    People need to stop being shit bags all together regardless of demographic proportions.

    The end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    Are you saying a dick is going to take you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post

    If I had said this, I'd have been slapped with an infraction for slander.

    I'm not sinning with my tongue. I'm not a child molester.
    I slandered no one. And I never said you were a child molester. No one knows what you do with your tongue.
    Bone up on your reading comprehension.
    If this is the best of possible worlds, what then are the others?
    ― Voltaire, Candide

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    my ex cheated on me with his old gf when we had just been into our new, loving relationship about 3 months [...] I held that sacred. Why didn't he?
    You were unavailable, far away, and your relationship was new. He was at a party with an old love. This is sad, and I'm so sorry you were so hurt by it, but honestly it's not all that surprising. People are biologically wired for short-term gain and we're wired to reproduce as soon as possible. Humans are also more likely than many species to mate with one partner and we spend more time raising less children (as opposed to the survival strategy of having many partners and as many children as possible), but when your new partner is away and not contactable, and there's an old flame readily available, the opportunity of short-term gain is very clear - all the more when there was the potential to have both long-term and short-term gain, as long as you didn't find out.

    Why can't love be as sacred for men as it is for women?
    I don't think that's true. I think women might be better at overcoming our short-term impulses, but that says nothing about the quality of our internal love. And just because you screw up, doesn't mean you don't love. We're all human and fallible. So many men have studied love, live lives replete with love, written treatises on love, died for love. Thomas Aquinas, Saint Augustine, Empedocles, Spinoza, Jung, Aristotle, Plato, Saint Francis, Jesus, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, and so many more. Our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, boyfriends, friends.

    Then I started realizing just how worthless men can be. More so than women. Think about it. Men cause the wars. Men cause the domestic violence. Men perpetrate the sex crimes, and most crime in general. Men are most likely to be child abusers. Men are still more likely to cheat (you know it's true). Men are not as able to take care of children AND work like women can.
    Men have also negotiated the peace treaties. Men have put rules into law enforcing punishment for domestic violence. Men have long held the tradition of escorting women and children off a sinking ship first. Men are more likely to be firefighters, doctors, and diplomats. Men are more likely to make significant advances in philosophy, law, environmental conservation, and scientific research. Men are stronger and more capable in most situations. It's a quirk of biology that men are more powerful and took control within the species early on. The rest is just subjective judgment and statistics are unstable. Maybe more of the men you know are unable to take care of work and a family so well. But really, we can never know what's true for certain, until we compare all men and all women.

    Moreover, if we say that men are a problem and seek to eliminate them, we might as well do it with every other group that has some lesser desirability. Black people are accused of more crimes in the United States than white people. Should we eliminate a percentage of them too? I'd also be willing to bet that sx-first people are more aggressive and risk-taking than others, and therefore are much more likely to be violent. Should we get rid of ourselves by a great percentage as well? What other groups can we off? We should probably off humans in general, because really we cause a vast amount of damage to the planet and all other beings on Earth.

    People mess up. People get angry. People use their biological defenses against one another. We've moved beyond an evolutionary-determined environment and now our goals often fly in the face of our instincts. This doesn't mean we need less people in the world. It means we need to learn to be better people and to help each other be better. We need to be patient and forgiving; we need to be courageous and perseverant. If men are falling behind in some way, women need to help them, not seek to be rid of them.

    You ask why your boyfriend didn't hold love for you sacred. Why aren't you holding love for humanity sacred?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    There might be hope for you yet....I can think of a few couple things to do with your stumps.
    anyone else think fisting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Within View Post
    Still lying here, fuck! My toes are to adept at this. But I'm currently reduced to a head without eyes, tongue, teeth. A torso without hands and a lower body without a penis. :<
    <3 your avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post
    Maybe in the future there shall be breeding programs, like the Bene Gesserits in Dune developed.

    Or something more sophisticated, like eugenics..
    ^best part of the series.
    Dirt Farmer

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    Are you saying a dick is going to take you out.
    I prefer to think of it as getting laid. But not really.

    In truth, my video is to your post as the boy's turtle answer is to the zombie question.

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    I took off for a few hours, and the thread's devolved a bit (who'd have thought *that* possible?), but I wanted to get back to you, Aphrodite.

    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    I realize men are abused, but they are by far the predominate abusers.
    I think that your "by far" doesn't necessarily fit with the facts, when it comes to domestic abuse, etc. Yes, men probably do commit these sorts of crimes more often than women do. The 60%-40% ratio the article I previously linked would tend to support that. But "by far"? Not really. The facts are also that a man who's a victim is *far* less likely to be able to address these circumstances, and if he tries, he's *far* less likely to get any support from anyone else - be it his family, neighbors, and especially the legal system.

    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    And women have historically long been oppressed. And what have we done in response? Risen up and are surpassing men as we speak.
    I've never lived anywhere where women were really, seriously oppressed (I'm betting you haven't either), so I can't address this specifically. I think that the fact that you seem to find men an adversary to be "surpassed" sort of belies the nature and philosophy behind your argument, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    No one is making them be lazy on the couch. Poor baby can't have his 6 figure career and make a huge name for himself, so he's gonna just pull down unemployment as a result. ? Women have babies, for God's sake, clean houses, wipe old people's shit, and still seem to do a better job statistically than men do who make more money and have a 'better' career.
    You can't reasonable paint all men, or even a significant portion, with this picture. Most men are *devastated* when they can't find work, especially when they get laid off. It's the one thing, more than any other, that defines a man's worth - the ability to work and provide. While I know that there are examples of the situation you describe here, trying to use this in an argument against most men is really not cool. Just as the whole "welfare queen" argument was so offensive back when Reagan did it.

    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    But I like, to some degree, your post because you are at least LOOKING at why men are falling behind. Thanks for that. Your response will be looked for...
    I don't agree that men are "falling behind". I do believe that men are struggling to deal with some of the technologically driven advancements and the resultant changes in society that have taken place over the last 40 years or so. I do think that it's an important issue for society, men and women, to address. We spend a lot of time and effort on making sure that women have opportunities to succeed (which is great), we do so much less for men (which is not great). It's assumed that a man doesn't need help, and that if he does, he's not worth anything anyway. Men who struggle are easily discarded by society.

    Anyway, I'm likely done - think I've said what I wanted to say.

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