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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    They could go the same route as the airports: crank up the security hardcore when something happens, then relax the standards over time as everyone figures out how impractical they are.
    In light of the fact that they're still molesting 'random' people* in search of contraband, I hope not.

    *A suspiciously large proportion of which seem to be atractive young women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post
    I just get really, really agitated by seeing that statement come up after every school shooting. It's obnoxious. I really don't dislike Christianity despite being nonreligious myself, but that argument sets me off.
    I've never seen it before and dont think its obnoxious, I find the other reaction, your reaction, more typical at any mention of God though. Haters gonna hate I guess. I didnt automatically connect this with christianity by the way, God gets a mention, that's all, its a shame if belief in God is exclusively associated with child molesters now, a lot of great people have done a lot of great things, sacrificed much and taken heart in difficult times because they've been motivated by a belief in God.

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    Metal detectors are an intermediate too pervasive in its measures.

    I do find armed personnel advantageous, and relatively passive. My middle school growing up had a pair of full-fledged officers.

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    Security is one major reason why people get fucked up. If you show trust, people behave to show that they are worthy of the trust more and definitely wont go into extremes that easily, but if you suspect everyone, more people will start to act like according to what you suspect them of. Isnt this common knowledge in USA or wtf is wrong with everyone there?
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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