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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Dear Anti-Social One,

    Why don't you tell me what it means to you?

    If you ask me a closed question as above, it seems to be peremptory - as though you want to shut the discussion down.

    But look, you are not peremptory you are anti-social.

    So why not say what you think, anti-social or not?
    The shortest what I could say about is that democracy is not perfect but it is stll much better then other system.

    The other message that I could see is "Just vote , OK "

    What you have said can mean many things. That is why I have asked the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miked277 View Post
    partly it is about who you want to be the face of the US for the next few years. another part of the elections which definitely isn't pointless is the idea and execution of a peaceful transfer of power.

    the policies changes and results of electing a new president might be small or large. in the sense that you spoke about, a lot of things in the US won't change that much or at all. but say for example we collectively said, presidential elections are pointless since politicians are all the same and so we will stop holding them. what would we revert back to? presidential lineage? waging wars over who will next lead the country?

    or go to the other extreme where *everything* changes after the election of a new president. how much stability would we lose every 4 or 8 years? how many systems which rely on that stability would slow down tremendously or come to a grinding halt.

    of course all that is not to say we should ignore the malignant elements of society just to keep things on an even keel, no.

    another thing, and others have posted about it, is i think you're underestimating just how bad a president gwb was/is. no president could be called perfect as they all have made their own mistakes but my god, gw has given the presidency and america a terrible rep. so, the hope that we can do better for ourselves and the world has a lot of people excited about november.
    Many things here sound very nice but I simply do not see how US can function normaly in the future no matter who the president is.

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