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Thread: Electoral College in the US Pros and Cons for Keeping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Risen View Post
    I think the entire election process needs to be changed. Something that significantly shortens the campaign season, thereby reducing the amount of campaign funding needed, and significantly reduces the media's role in the election\ (thereby reducing the stupidity and lies we are all subjected to). Instead, there needs to be an objective system of quickly disseminating accurate information about the candidates, likely one that basically lists their entire political voting record in a detailed, succinct summary to be made available to all voters. Then information about how the candidates claim they will govern in the future can be handled some other way.

    Just brainstorming...
    For starters, have any party primaries on the same day across the country. Second, have elections - primary and general - on the weekend rather than a workday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    You could just literally limit the amount of campaign funding one can even get. Have something like matching funds that the candidates are bound to. I'd love to overturn the Citizens United ruling, but the fact is we could spend all day blacklisting sources of funding. It's much easier to make a white list of funding instead.
    That alone might make the difference, but if it doesn't, we could actually adopt serious airtime controls. If this is done at every level, it would even somewhat lower to power of lobbyists.
    Better yet, give each candidate the same amount of public funding. They can spend that much however they like, but no more. That would help to level the playing field.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Better yet, give each candidate the same amount of public funding. They can spend that much however they like, but no more. That would help to level the playing field.
    I agree. It would also just keep the whole cost of the thing from forever expanding beyond reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    That's not necessarily true. Democrats have many districts in currently red states, practically anywhere there is a city, and allocating votes in that manner would remove the senator votes, which definitely favor Republicans more than Democrats.
    The post I quoted referred to Maine and Nebraska, which retain two state-wide electoral votes. And like I've said previously, the Democratic vote is so concentrated in its majority areas that removing the two Senate votes wouldn't make make such a change anything more than a wash, at best, for the Democrats, even in the event of non-partisan redistricting methods (particularly with Voting Rights Act mandates and popular opposition to drawing districts without considering 'communities of interests').

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