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Thread: Projections Put Whites in Minority in U.S. by 2050

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    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueMixture View Post
    Don't forget the regional cultures of America. I think the east coast, west coast, midwest, and the south are different universes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueMixture View Post
    By making this only about how how it affects YOU (ie groups that you identify with whites/republicans) the implication is "oh those other minorities don't matter so why should I give a damn?"
    Gee, as I remember it I responded to a specific point made by lateralus, and I kinda logically assumed all the later back-and-forth was in relation to that original point (that being the future of the Republican party in a more diverse America). I think the fact that you failed to notice that (as well as other fairly obvious details of my post, such as when you accused me of assuming that hispanics care more about illegal immigration than other issues) indicates a bias of your own against white Republicans. As for your last point (the feeling of the Republican party 'othering' and thereby alienating hispanics), why do you think I emphasized the rhetoric surrounding illegal immigration? As for seeking to 'change' hispanics in order to 'preserve my way of being', welcome to the cross-assimilation process inherent in immigration-based societies as well as the ideological competition known as electoral democracy!-I would kinda expect an economically liberal hispanic (or economically liberal 'white' person) who strongly believes in certain social welfare policies to try and convert me to their way of thinking as well, and I wouldn't assume its some kind of nefarious, ethnocentric agenda.

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