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    I've always noticed that guys have a very hard time saying bye to one another. It's always very awkward. For example, last time I said "bye" to a guy, I'm pretty sure I said "yup"...and got a grunt back.
    Girls go about it very efficiently. Like a rolling laughter of "bye". They have skills.

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    Formal e-mails I would say thanks, informal cheers, often I'll just sign my name.

    I've been told to make my e-mails less formal in the past and have done so using something like dialogue but I think its hit and miss, really hit and miss sometiems. Like I wouldnt have known at all that there is a significance attached to using "cheers".

    I've never used text speak in an e-mail or anything that might appear like you're not compus mentus.

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    I use cheers, and I would never drive a prius and i don't think i'm a liberal but maybe. OMG I USE CHEERS I MUST BE A KILLER ATUGHEUGHNHUDF
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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