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Thread: Police shoot & kill wrong man at wrong address because he answered the door armed

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    If someone knocks aggressively on my door in the wee hours, and I then see through the peep hole that they are holding guns and have not announced that they are police officers... they are liable to get shot through the door, or upon entrance.
    It's happened before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatsNorway View Post
    Overall my impression of the cops in USA is that they are a bunch of undisiplined, unproffesional, gun loving idiots. This is a good example for why Police in Norway needs a green light to get the gun out.

    Not stating your the Police when you are about to arrest someone in USA where everyone got guns is as bad as bad ideas gets.
    Yeah this is really not okay, and one of the things that I have argued in the past is that only *certain* kinds of cops should be armed...but in that case, then less citizens would have to have guns for that to really work, because there would be less risk to the police.

    I have also argued that our police should be better educated and cared for properly. We live in a country where our vets from war suffer from unadressed mental health issues, and I think this also extends to cops.

    Cops should not be ignorant bullies, they should be required to pass tests for mental health and also have to have a certain level of university education, not just be trained to action.
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