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    What do you think of their model for philanthropy (copied from

    What do you think of their five particular initiatives?

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    I have nothing to contribute to the topic of this thread. I looked around on the page and I don't have an opinion on the initiatives.

    This thread is one of those threads that I think has the potential to have a good discussion but maybe it doesn't catalyze people enough or it's not yet on anyone's periphery so it got no responses. I'm actually feeling quite sympathetic towards the thread, it looked very lonely and I've wanted to reply.

    OK, I'm going to pull an opinion out of somewhere...

    Wouldn't google be better suited spinning its wheels for developing philanthropic internet technologies, like grants for helping communities get wired? It seems like the hot thing to do, get in on the whole global warming/green earth bandwagon. Google has so much money at it's disposal it seems overreaching even somewhat wasteful to devote even more resources to something that's already getting the lion's share of attention.

    As for the five initiatives, they seem noble enough so I really can't disagree with them. I particularly like the Inform and Empower Initiative but I noticed one thing:

    We will work with public, private, and civil society partners to address each side of this problem. This initiative will begin with a focus on education, health, and water and sanitation services in East Africa and India. Our work will support efforts that lead to empowered citizens and communities, responsive providers, and informed decision-makers. Success will depend on the presence of strong and effective leadership. We are committed to investing in the next generation of business, government, and civil society leaders to ensure the sustainability of this initiative.
    Once again, one of the global hot spots. It's like 1 AM on a Friday night in Asia and Africa. What about national communities that needs these types of resources?

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