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Thread: Where do you get your news?

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    I get it from a political forum where people are pretty much on top anything big or interesting... the posters are mostly from eurasia, europe and north america though theres probably a poster from each major region... which means that I get my news mostly from reuters, the bbc, dutch, german, and french newspapers as well as al jazeera.

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    the portland mercury
    reuter's oddly enough
    second-hand stuff from my boyfriend
    just throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

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    I certainly don't buy into anything that comes out of ABC,CBS,CNN,NBC,FOX - anything that's media mainstream American is biased, and I'm not going to say that other countries are un-biased but Americans seem to be dumbed down the most and fed the most propaganda. The Mainstream Media is controlled , I know, I know, you'll say I'm a tin foil hat wearer, conspiracy theorist , ect. Break your conditioning ! Research these things ! > YouTube - The CFR controls American media

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    Quote Originally Posted by werewolfen1984 View Post
    Break your conditioning ! Research these things ! > YouTube - The CFR controls American media
    That's why I get my news from YouTube. *bludgeons self to death with nerf bat*

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01011010 View Post
    The Onion
    Stephen Colbert
    I'm kidding of course. I get news from the Economist, ScienceDaily, NASA, NPR, and PBS.

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