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Thread: Was the Great Fire of London started deliberately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by godscollie View Post
    Yes your right it was mainly constructed of timber. If there was any intelligence behind the plan it wouldn't look deliberate and the were no forensics in 1666. It's just a muse but thank you for your informative answer
    It might make an interesting premise for a novel. I just don't think it's the kind of thing anyone could ever tell. If there was evidence it was destroyed a very long time ago...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    It might make an interesting premise for a novel. I just don't think it's the kind of thing anyone could ever tell. If there was evidence it was destroyed a very long time ago...
    Your totally right it can never be proved one way or the other. I was just throwing a theory in the pot as a muse, something to ponder. History says it started in Pudding Lane by accident i have just wondered for years if maybe someone hadn't made the connection between the rats and plague and decided to do something him or herself. It's just interesting that it was a time of Plague when it happened and the result was to end the plague. If you think about the difference between plague free England and Plague ridden England in time scale plague is a very very short spell in time. Wondered if it was more than chance that two huge events coincided Plague and Fire. Like you say there is no evidence so it's just a muse.

    This interests me also

    1066 Hastings, 1666 Fire of London and end of plague, 1966 England win world cup

    I need a life

    From Wilkipedia

    History of Plague in London:

    Another suspected cause of the plague was cat and dogs, Most of which the Lord Mayor of London at the time had caused to be exterminated.
    The city corporation ordered a cull of dogs and cats-A poor decision , since those animals, mostly the cats kept the population of rats ( the real culprits ) in check.

    I was just going to put an argument together that people were beginning to look at animals as the cause when I read this :

    Plague cases continued at a modest rate until September 1666. On the 2nd and 3rd of September, the Great Fire of London destroyed much of the centre of London, at about the same time the plague outbreak tapered off. However it is now thought that the Plague had subsided before the Great Fire of London. Also, most cases were found in the suburbs of the city and not in the centre of London that was affected by the fire.

    When i was at school it was fed as historical fact that the Fire of London wiped out the plague, not so now. I have answered my own muse.

    Interesting date for London to be ravaged by plague and fire.

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    I personally think it was a French plot, so that London became the ugliest metropolis in the world while Paris, on the other hand, would claim the price for its now unsurpassable beauty...

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