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Thread: Damn you facebook, damn you to hell

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    Damn, I should have left my account banned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I think it's kinda cool.

    I don't mind the timeline feature too much, although I didn't have time to add stuff in before it went online. The one thing that really bothers me about facebook is that it shows whatever articles you read that are somehow connected. If I see something interesting I try to avoid it connecting back by opening a new browser window, logging out, etc. I've noticed articles other people have read and I'm not always sure they would want the whole world to know.

    I also got a request for something like "Secret Friends" and when I clicked on the first window it asked for permission to post as me as one item on a list. I think it may be a disturbing virus or something. I exited, logged out, then changed my password.
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    I like the fact that I can control each post now in terms of who sees it (before, there was just one Custom setting applied to all posts made of any sort). But that also means I need to exert that control.

    Plus, as Fia suggests, there's always been this crazy stuff going on with FaceBook where they're trying to post/integrate all activity in a way that makes it transparent either needlessly or rather alarmingly, and their TOS and/or software functionality would be changed without anyone being aware that such things had changed -- what was safe one day was suddenly accessible/vulnerable the next. They're more in love with their software than they are with their consumer base.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rail Tracer View Post
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