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Thread: Violent/destructive mob mentality

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    Default Violent/destructive mob mentality

    In light of the stories on the news today about the riots that broke out in Montreal after their NHL hockey team, the Canadiens, won their quarterfinal playoff series at home against the Boston Bruins. I believe it was 6 police cars that were burned in the ordeal... I'm trying to better understand this, how it's rooted in humans and why it exists. Is it simply an attempt at a first-class adrenaline rush or is there more to this behavior? Are there any psych majors here that have possibly studied this topic?

    I can understand how this would happen in a political arena or in a setting where there's a real and present opposition to whatever would-be rioters are upset about but what about when YOUR team from YOUR city has made a victory or something seemingly benign like that?

    Yay! We won! Let's break shit!
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    Is your hockey violence a relatively new fixture?

    Here in the UK organised violence - often ending in deaths - have gone on for around twenty years. Usually, but not always, involving teams from opposing sides wanting a rumble.

    Edit: Clarification - Football (soccer) not hockey.

    It has died down recently, but is still lurking in the background.

    I used to know a guy that was involved in Arsenal's crew and as far as I could make out he liked fighting - particularly worthy opponents.

    Paradoxically, when the national team were playing old rivalries would be temporarily put asside, and teams would regroup.

    Some people just like fighting.

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    The whole world is becoming more violent. People are barely civil to each other when they disagree. At least that's how I see it with some historical perspective. So, why should sports fans be any different especially when they've been witnessing something fairly violent to start with.

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