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    I'm pretty weak with any strong views or opinions or beliefs. However, I do tend to be humanistic in my views. I notice a "greatest good for the greatest amount of people" theme that goes on with me. (Though I admit also being really dubious about what is "good" for "people" as a whole group. Enough money to eat and stay warm, and a right to good health, I guess.) So my political values fall accordingly. I wouldn't call that unpopular at all. However, a lot of my family and old friends (family friends) are republican for religious reasons only, and they are poor. So that is silly in my view. I do draw the line somewhere.
    My opinions on controversial ethical stuff like gay marriage tend to just be "whatever, I don't care." I don't think people like my lack of ability to commit to any strong belief. It leaves me with a pretty open mind, but confusion on election day- (where I will listen and listen and listen as if the result will be different, and then end up voting democrat.)
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    When you break political beliefs down to basic motivations, "popular" becomes irrelevant.

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    I don't care if what I believe is popular. I believe it because it reflects what I feel is fundamentally true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenebrousReflection View Post
    I would not say my views are that unpopular (mostly liberal, but I'm usually open minded to letting the other side present their argument on an issue by issue basis - I consider myself a pragmatic liberal), but I live in an area that is a mix of conservative and liberal (with conservatives having a slight majority) and my friends are a mix of both types with varying degrees of fanaticism (some are very intolerant of opposing political views and some enjoy a good healthy debate of issues), so in the interest of avoiding conflict, I tend to be a bit cautious about expressing my political views based on how I think those around me would react - with strangers I tend not talk at all about politics until I can get a sense of what is important to them and how strongly they feel about it.

    I do like to watch TV shows that shares my political bias (mostly Jon Stewart, Bill Mahr, and Rachel Maddow), but I try to do so with keeping in mind that they are only telling me one side of the story - if I really care about the facts, then I'll do internet research and/or watch multiple networks to get different perspectives, but most of the time I'm content with having my political views supported by more articulate TV and radio personalities.
    Mostly this.

    I am clearly more liberal than the average person in my country and the average person in my country is more liberal than the average American.
    But I also have several friends who are much more leftist than I am and live in a region that is mostly conservative but ruled by the Greens and Social Democrats (our Greens in this region are special though: conservatives that eat organic and care about the environment, it is more of a lifestyle thing). I am off centre but nothing exotic. My views are pretty well represented in the more liberal programs of public tv and some nationwide newspapers. I do like to read what the other side is saying but often end up banging my head against the wall when I find logical fallacies in their argumentation. Ahhhgrr!

    Most of the people I meet through work are center-right business people. I listen and smile but don't get into debates. Those are reserved to my private life. There I appreciate intelligent debate. I prefer a well-informed and intelligent opponent to a dumb ally. It is more about an exchange of views and perspectives than about convincing somebody, let alone winning. It's fun to compare cards. My social circle includes the whole rainbow from marxists, greens, social democrats and christian conservatives all the way to a self-proclaimed fascist Spaniard.

    When my conservative uncle (a former banker) talks about how resistance was futile under the nazis and nobody could do anything about it I mentally facepalm but try to stay calm, maybe very politely introduce a few counterarguments but usually just shut up and hope it will soon be over - he is old, very set on his worldview and there is no point in trying to convinvce him otherwise. As his (or other people's) guest politeness also forces me to not get into too heated a debate when the situation doesn't call for it. I had to learn that over the years.
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    Some. And?

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    As an average of all my beliefs, I'd say they come out as pretty unpopular.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    Yes and no? They are popular with the people that like them and unpopular with the people that don't. After all, there is a reason why there are "factions."

    I guess, if you were to say, if my views are more along the lines of "mainstream," I'd say not entirely mainstream. Sometimes, they are far off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrystalViolet View Post
    I'm a socialist to my bones.
    How you doin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    I tend to be more inconclusive about politics and don't like party lines. I remember as far back as college people fighting back at me from opposite sides of issues because the moment they hear you don't agree 100% without question, they assume you have extreme, unquestioning certitude on the opposite side of the issue. I'd probably be pretty happy chatting with someone like you about it because that open, realistic attitude is really rare.
    That sort of partisan shit pisses me off, I've experienced that too, although the whole economic socialist and cultural conservative thing is never going to catch on and plenty of people think its an oxymoron anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    My opinions on controversial ethical stuff like gay marriage tend to just be "whatever, I don't care." I don't think people like my lack of ability to commit to any strong belief. It leaves me with a pretty open mind, but confusion on election day- (where I will listen and listen and listen as if the result will be different, and then end up voting democrat.)
    That "whatever, I don't care" can probably account for the greater part of modernity you know.

    I highlighted part of your post because I think its something which I think is fine, good even, moderation is no vice sometimes. It doesnt even have to be pragmatic, just moderate.

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