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    Only if I would've voted for him anyway. I don't see how it should be my concern. I'm not going to intern for any of them any time soon.
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    2 factors to be considered,
    first, what is the condition of his condition..
    second, who did he pick for vice presidency..

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    I suspect that an HIV+ presidential candidate, even if having otherwise stellar health and their condition was well under control with the help of anti-retrovirals, would not be electable at this time. I'm not sure when that would change either, but I suspect it will eventually... just speculation on my part, but I was wondering if any you agree/disagree and if you have any ideas as to why that is the case.
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    The right person... HIV positively I would.

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    Some of the best people in the history of ever were mental cases... In comparison, a president that got High-fived wouldn't really bother me.

    I think what would bother me is narcissistic (is that even the word?) personality disorder, and things of that nature.
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    Would not have a problem as long as the condition was under control.

    However, I think there is still stigmata attached to it that would make it highly unlikely that he/she would be elected anytime in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    Please share your reasons for why you would/wouldn't elect someone to presidential office in this light. Also, what medical conditions would be gamechangers for you as a voter?
    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    It's irrelevant to public interest even if it's a mental or neurologically deleterious condition?
    HIV positive probably wouldn't affect my decision to vote for that candidate because HIV positive people can live many years after the diagnosis. Some HIV positive people never get full blown AIDS at all. Something else kills them first.

    What would make me hesitate to vote for a candidate would be a terminal illness with only a short time left to live, say a couple years or less, with very little chance of it being extended.

    Neurological issues may also prevent me from voting, if the condition seriously affects the ability to do the job effectively.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    I would hope that someone at the extreme upper levels of government would be voluntarily transparent, and I think the public encourages this. I personally would not discriminate based on a medical condition, if I liked the candidate. I would also hope that someone who has made it that far (as to be elected for pres) would be ethical in that if they felt like they had a condition that would conflict with being president, they would step down.
    I'm good with the current basic requirements for president.
    I don't want to sound mean or anything, but the idea of that happening in today's political system is blissfully naive.
    that being said, no, having HIV would not deter me from voting for a particular candidate.
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    Not a problem for me. It's not 1987.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    I don't want to sound mean or anything, but the idea of that happening in today's political system is blissfully naive.
    that being said, no, having HIV would not deter me from voting for a particular candidate.
    Candidates have traditionally made their IRS reports available, for example.

    On the one hand, you want a free capitalist society (i'm assuming here), but on the other, you want to micromanage the information and personal life of candidates at large? Excuse me, but those sound like fundamentally opposed ideologies. If you believe in a free market system and democracy, then you would also believe the masses would take care of electing who they thought best, and demand the information necessary from candidates to make the best decision to that end.

    I still don't see compelling evidence that transparency of candidates and officials' personal lives need be some sort of rule or requirement, beyond the simple ones already demanded for someone holding a position of higher power (like being a US citizen, etc).

    What would you proscribe for rules of disclosure for potential candidates?
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