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    I don't see similarities at all.
    Nazi Germany was disgusting.
    America is not.
    The most accepting people our diaspora say that Americans are.
    Nazi Germany was built on racism.
    The thought of that disgusts me.
    Uber Crap.

    A less mature comment from me -

    America = +645645965464987464646468484654654949846494587
    Nazi Germany =

    Edit -

    Iraqi's and Afgans Might not agree with me though.
    I think that should be noted.

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    Has any person ever taken you seriously, Riva?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    Has any person ever taken you seriously, Riva?


    I have my moments.
    Rare though they are, they are there nonetheless.

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    Well you can see it that way: nazi is a short word creation from national-socialist. And the party of the nazis, the nsdap was called national-socialist german workers party. So you have "social" and "union" basically in one word. The implications of the word "national" as opposed to "global" werent really known back then, cause there was no global.

    So if you go on from here and trace back the political steps, its exactly what the party did. They brought a social system into the country, mainly connected to a membership in the party or army. Before that their was poverty and people suffered and died on the streets after the devastation of the first World War. They formed an Union, a collective identification for the people, a cause so to say, your life basically wasnt pointless no more, but you could work to achieve one of the billion badges the party gave to the people for social work. Life was prospering, I own a scientific magazine from 1935. Its full of a quarter billion work orders and offerings, unemployement basically was a foreign work back then. All made possible thru a military framework.

    of course one may say now: "wait stop, the military framework should have been an indicator for an intellectual that this state is going straight to hell". Well yes, maybe nowadays but back then it was a completly different time. The military was a huge and glorious organisation in every european state and thats because they always went to war. If you think back in the 60s and the ads the us military gave out for the vietnam war, they appear to us nowadays as kind of overly heroic or just purely tasteless, disrespectful of human lifes, praising the military as some kind of "good" thing.

    And there is another thing, if we nowadays switch on TV or go on the internet, we have a billion opinions from all over the world to form our intellectuality. My grandpa had the radio. I remember my grandpa telling me he grew up with Hitler being his superman. There was nothing but Hitler in his youth, he thought Hitler was a God. Then he told me one day that he had made a mistake to believe he was a God and that this was the biggest mistake he made in his life. That man in that moment basically denied his childhood hero superman, to be a superman no more. He changed his mind out from a fundamental deep childhood propaganda back to a new level an own thinking, what nearly 1% of the old nazis managed later.

    My grandpa was definitly superman and my rational mind will never be able to fully grasp what the fuck was going on with people back then. A lot of intellectual people knew what the nazis really were, but this were only a few, yet very intelligent people and they all got killed so quickly by the party that they had little chance to voice their doubts. I am pretty sure, I'ld have been killed back then as well, cause I am no drone and I'll never be. Still 90% of humanity are drones and if you dont believe me, watch the video where people were crieing in front of the Apple building, cause they realesed the Iphone 4S and not the Iphone 5.

    I dont want you people to compare the States, a wonderful country which I owe my freedom, with nazi Germany. This is dumb, under-intellectual and it does spit on the heritage of my grandpa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    I'm interested to see where this thread will go.
    My guess is the Graveyard.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    I wonder if Uber Furher has an opinion on this.

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    Ich denke die sprache ist wenig ahnlich....

    but I could be wrong. I was only in german class for a year....

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    Well both countries have a history of using spike helmets. Take these American uniforms from 1899 for example:

    Uploaded with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    Everyone picks the eagle

    Even fictional alien civilizations use the eagle
    Dune's Atreides, not aliens however.
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson
    “Culture?” says Paul McCartney. “This isn't culture. It's just a good laugh.”

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    Probably the best analyst of fascism there ever was, I consider, to be George Orwell, now there are biographers and polemicists, left and (capitalist) right, who suggest that he was a closet or "ashamed" nazi at one point (mainly the capitalist right wing, especially in an essay entitled "From Tory Anarchism to National Socialism and more than half way back again"), I dont believe that for a moment but in places such as his review of Mein Kampf he did a complete and honest assessment of why, particularly at that point in history, the nazis where so unassailably popular.

    The second great point which he had to make about Fascism was that it was, anywhere it had arisen, organic and domestic, so if fascism arose in the UK it wouldnt be called that and it wouldnt look anything like fascism elsewhere or have any of the trappings, he said that if the establishment wanted to turn the country fascist they would do so with the lion and unicorn (british symbols) rather than the swastika or any sembalence of it. Its part of the reason he did not get as excited about Oswald Mosell's British Union of Fascists as some people did.

    So in many ways comparisons between nazi germany and any other nation are nebulus, particularly superficial ones.

    There is also the problem of historical time, while it is significant and cant be treated, for instance, like the French Terror, Nazi Germany is history now. You could as easily say compare America and ancient athens, if you do it will be with the mindset and cultural stage setting of the present (people often drastically underestimate the extent to which constitutions, democracy and war fighting, along with everything else, where dictated by religious precepts and not grounded in some sophisticated reasoning out, even the well known philosophers where teachers not legislators or statesmen).

    Even when I see present day attempts to make allusions to creeping fascism, such as:-

    (which in fairness I believe could be libertarian, it could be democrat, the only thing that's clear is a classical liberal cultural prejudice)

    I really wonder if its the same order of business at all or a completely different beast, in many ways there are analysis of fascism which predate it which better describe it than many which post-date it, those which discuss tyranny but which where so completely out of vogue at the time the language was even different which people had to name things and discuss them.

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