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Thread: Norway Terrorist Attacks

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    It's hard to understand how one gunman killed so many, if indeed there was just one but that's what it sounds like.
    I was curious about that myself.

    I'd be interested to see what type of gun was used, and whether he had a background in firearms training.
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    Looks like a relative unknown, an ideologue, decided to make a big political statement.

    The 32-year-old suspected of massacring at least 80 young people at a summer camp and setting off a bomb in downtown Oslo that killed at least seven is a mystery to investigators: a right-winger with anti-Muslim views but no known links to hardcore extremists.

    "He just came out of nowhere," a police official told The Associated Press.

    Public broadcaster NRK and several other Norwegian media identified the suspected attacker as Anders Behring Breivik, a blond and blue-eyed Norwegian who expressed right-wing and anti-Muslim views on the Internet. Police have the suspect in custody.

    Norwegian news agency NTB said Breivik legally owned several firearms and belonged to a gun club. He ran an agricultural firm growing vegetables, an enterprise that could have helped him secure large amounts of fertilizer, a potential ingredient in bombs.

    But he didn't belong to any known factions in Norway's small and splintered extreme right movement, and had no criminal record except for some minor offenses, the police official told AP.

    "He hasn't been on our radar, which he would have been if was active in the neo-Nazi groups in Norway," he said. "But he still could be inspired by their ideology." [... More here:]

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    A friend of mine cheated surten death as he worked as a security officer there. Hes home due to a surgery on his knee. (im very glad he plays fotball now)

    91 is comfirmed killed.

    If the madman did this alone he has been more efficient than most terrorists have. for comparison 9/11 has 145 people killed pr terrorists.
    the London bombings killed 52 people with the use of 4 terrorists.

    There is little point trying to find a logical explanation. I have tried and i can`t find it. Unless the guy have been planning this for years and planted evidence against his actuall cause.

    They are not sure about it being only one shooter. police is working hard in that area. Vitnesses indicate that it might be a second one.
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    Hes supposedly pro israel, dislikes muslims, he was a former member of the youth party FRP (a right wing party) he was supposedly a kristian konservative.
    He considered himself a nationalist. And then he went on killing his own people basically.

    He had license for a rifle, a glock and a shootgun. He did supposedly buy 6 tonns of artificial fertiliser.
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    He must have had a mental issue for sure. He can't be defined as a terrorist could he? He just shot his own people and not the people he dislike. So that makes him a mass killer?

    Could he have been hired by someone to make that attack? Cannot be, since he would have not made that attack for money because he would have known he couldn't have escaped after doing it. So he surely must be mentally ill.

    I am dying to hear that maniacs part of the story.

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    I wonder how many anti gun lobbyist will pile upon this story

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    I know that bastards gunning down kids at a labour party gathering makes me want to lock and load or draw swords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tantive View Post
    I wonder how many anti gun lobbyist will pile upon this story
    I wonder if the guy being a Christian nut is going to get people attacking all the rest of us Christians as though we're all the same deal.

    Although I'm as much a socialist as the kids he had in his sites so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post
    He must have had a mental issue for sure. He can't be defined as a terrorist could he? He just shot his own people and not the people he dislike. So that makes him a mass killer?
    He's a sociopath, it's a open and shut case. From the results of this ordeal one can surmise that he had a well thought through plan that he executed with cold rational terminator like behavior. A mass murderer with a agenda, that sounds like a terrorist to me.
    He did in fact target the people that he obviously dislikes. The kids at the island were mainly from the socialistic part of the political spectrum. The next generation of his enemies. What strikes me as odd is that they managed to capture him alive, I suppose that is a part of his plan as well. What he has accomplished so far is to put down the foundation for his message, later and for year to come authors and the media will pick up where he left off and do his bidding.

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    ^ It is even more probable that the infected situation between muslims and europeans will be even less okay to even mention.
    This guy took it way way way too far, but we do have a problem, still. There's no denying it. That's not hate speech, it's fact.
    If current immigration continues and muslim birth rates in europe keep up like this, we westerners won't be the predominant culture in our own countries in a few decades.
    It's not stable.

    This is an extremely detestable and extreme reaction from a rampantly unhealthy individual. He should have kept to expressing his opinions and voting.
    What he did is even to be viewed as counter-productive to his very own cause. This will make forced political correctness an even worse pain in the ass than it already is.
    Hell I don't want muslims in my country, either, but I think he just fucked up several years worth of work making the issue in question a matter of open discussion.
    As it IS you can't talk about crap like that without being called a racist, nazi or the like... I really wonder where we'll be later.

    Or it could be a reality-check. I'm fairly interested in his motivations, since he does not seem to be at all stupid or irrational.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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