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Thread: Engineering of the past defies engineering of the present

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    Default Engineering of the past defies engineering of the present

    I've got a link here and I think it'll be interesting but I'll define the topic because there's a lot of speculation and supposition in this video which I dont want to get into right now.

    The reality is that no one knows what's at the bottom of this pit and from the point at which they start to speculate as to what is there, interesting and Indiana Jones as it all is that's entertainment not fact.

    What is at the bottom of the pit could be something which beggars the belief of a modern, some holy relic or riches without significance or power beyond that which it exercised over the pit constructors. I'll bet if the beliefs motivating the construction of the easter island heads or stone henge were ever definitively known they'd seem stupid to moderns and not a few people would wonder why anyone would sacrifice so much the that monumental effort of construction.

    What does interest me is that this is a clear case of ancient or past engineering defying and defeating contemporaneous engineering, alright its been private digs rather than the complete might and power of the UN or something like that but you get the idea. Its not the only example I'm sure.

    Yet when that's possible and objectively the case, why do people still maintain that the beliefs, values and norms of yesterday are so foolish, misguided and mistaken? The people clearly were no fools when they were capable of such feats of engineering.

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    The only engineering going on here is well-engineered superstition and myth.

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    It's erroneous to assume that the establishments made by advances in technology has advanced the human intellect. There's a term for this but I don't recall it at the moment. Pretty cool, though... doesn't get more old school than that.

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