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Thread: The Royal Wedding

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    I think the wedding was so popular because it was the last before the germans take over. They said on TV that people were already pissed that the royal family was brought to Westminster Abbey in a Volkswagen bus. I am saying that was only the first sign of impending doom !!
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    I was at the gym after spin class this morning when she walked out in her dress. That was the end of the excitement for me. Pretty, classic, dress. Nice makeup. The end.
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    I can understand why some people would want to watch, it's kind of fairytale-ish, and it's a big event and all, but I didn't watch, and don't really understand the hype. Then again, maybe i'm just a boring American...

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    I will never understand the appeal of living vicariously.

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    How about its just cool, and doesn't happen every day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by saslou View Post
    What, no mention anywhere????

    So who's watching it tomorrow? Yes, William and Kate.

    I am so tired of hearing/seeing it plastered everywhere. Even Tesco's are selling cakes to celebrate the big day.

    As someone recently pointed out to me "Even if you don't watch it, people will be talking about it for days so you won't be able to get away from it".

    Least we have the day off work
    I saw some of the highlights on the news, I got annoyed at just how much screen time it had on the news to be honest, like there was literally nothing else happening in the world.

    I've found that women have been captivated by the whole thing much more than men, it has been the kind of fairytale wedding bit I think that grabs them and what I would consider to be things associated with celebrity and drama rather than patriotism and monarchism. There's people who've told me how different it has been from previous royal occasions or weddings, it is a national affair but seems more like celebrity than a state/national occasion (I know that its not but anyway) or with much baring on church either. While I wish them well I didnt watch the ceremony because I felt it would be a little like watching the wedding ceremony of strangers, its strangely voyeuristic to me that kind of a thing you know.

    The coverage of it has been strange and a little distasteful, I did not like the ceaseless wheeling out of people who were very obvious token "commoners" in garish costumes, repeating messages about national pride, affinity with the royals, hope in hard times, it was all very, very pantomine and charade like. It began to take on something of the character of the grotesque too when it went from ill defined and too vague national identity musings to interviewing token ethnic minorities. The contrast with the one or two privileged elites who appeared on camera, from the same educational background for instance, was amazing. Likewise I did not much like to see those people either, obviously very monied but not so obviously either sophisticated or much deserving of their easy privilege.

    Despite being a socialist I'm in some ways a respector of the class system and institutions like the monarchy but the actual individuals who represent or embody each are so very often a disappointment and almost without any deliberate or ill intent disparaging of the very ideas themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    How about its just cool, and doesn't happen every day?
    People getting married? Yeah, it totally does.

    (side note: famous people getting married is pretty frequent, rich people getting married even moreso, people descended from people who used to be very power even moreso, and mascots who don't actually make any decisions... well, no one cares when the guy in the Philly Fanatic suit gets hitched

    Even people who have never and will never need to actually have a job getting married happens sometimes. One of the Kardashians is married, I think)
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    I watched it when it replayed earlier today, to keep my mom company, as she adores such stuff. And, she loves to have someone to bounce her little commentaries off of, so I indulged. Myself and my bird.

    The most striking thing to me was (and likely it's an incorrect assumption of mine, or my expectations, given what I would do)......but, I was thinking there would be some kind of tribute or acknowledgement to her (Diana's) memory, given that I'm sure as her son, he was missing his mother terribly for not getting to witness such a momentous occassion in his life. Royalty or otherwise, it's still a child who hopes his mama could see him/share with him, on his special day [assuming they had that kind of a relationship, and from the outside, it seemed so...]

    Or maybe they'll do it in their private ceremonies after.

    Or maybe it's just a weird expectation of mine, and its enough for them to privately (in their own heads/selves) acknowledge her.

    Or Kate/William did with her "something blue" ring.

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    I can't wait to watch this. Am breathless in anticipation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    I can't wait to watch this. Am breathless in anticipation.
    *teenage girl squeal*

    LIKE, OMG!!!11111!!!! I KNOW, RIGHT???!!!!!!!!!!!

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