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Thread: There's an agenda here but I don't know what it is

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    Yes, it's barbaric. I'm glad they were found out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    I don't consider a mere 24-year sentence to be justice for such a crime; not only did they deliberately and callously kill multiple civilians, they have endangered the lives of other soilders who will be targeted by militants persuaded that American soilders are psychotic oppressors on the basis of the actions of these piece of shit assholes. Those who confessed should have gotten life.
    The guy who pled guilty, Morlock, made a deal to get just 24 years with possible parole in 7. In return, he would testify against the others including the one he says is the leader of the thing. A German magazine posted the photos and story a week ago but the US MSM has been mainly quiet about it.
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    Yeah. I didn't hear anything about this until I read it two days ago in the latest Rolling Stone Mag. I don't think it really has made big news waves here.
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    Well its being spun as the rogue operators as opposed to standard practice or just what happens in war, to me its not unexpected that this happens in a war zone.

    I dont believe that it should happen, just that it does happen. A lot of those pictured soldiers look like the sorts of assholes that you'd read about gutting someone in bar.

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    Rolling Stone published the article. The agenda flows from the source.
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    Just read the OP. Skimmed the link.

    You don't get what the agenda is? Really?

    Gut emotional reaction is my guess.

    Most of those pics were of nothing and the ones with the boy look a little photo shopped imo. Two different people same boy same exact position. Who in their right mind would document that?

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