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Thread: Major earthquake hits Japan

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    They're saying it's 73 miles from Fukushima. Estimated 1m tsunami reached Miyagi prefecture. Waves expected to reach Fukushima in about 35 minutes
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    The aftermath of the earthquake damaging five nuclear plants is quickly becoming evident.

    Mutated butterflies

    Researchers found dozens of mutated butterflies near the site of the nuclear accident in Fukushima, prompting officials to say it’s the first sign of damage to the ecosystem.

    According to NBC News, researcher Joji Otaki of the University of Ryukyus found mutation in roughly 12 percent of 144 commonly-found pale grass blue butterflies collected two months after the March 2011 disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

    Even more alarming, researcher said the mutation increased to 28 percent six months later and more than 50 percent of the offspring showed some signs of mutation.
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    ^^^ I don't mean to make light of the situation, but there was some excellent mothra jokes made in the comments of various news aggrigates. What's interesting is that a lot of Japan's kaiju (giant monsters) have some sort of nuclear origins. Usually as a warning on the effects of not being kind to the earth. Mutations are a kind of avenging nature spirits.

    They've always had a complex relationship with everything nuclear. Now, even more so, if that's possible.

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