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    Default Too Big To Save?

    I was wondering what everyones views are that while it was possible to argue that the banks where too big to fail that a tipping point will be reached at which they will be too big to save?

    That is there wont be any nation state or alliance of states able to create a bail out from taxes like has been used this time around.

    In this scenario I dont see any government effectively running or steering their economy anymore but the economy running or steering the government and by economy I mean the banks.

    It'll be effectively a kind of control of public life not dreamt off in all the warnings about plutocracies of industrialists or business cartels from early constitution framers and democratic leaders. The sort of disenfranchisement involved in that is something else.

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    The funds don't come from taxes. They come from the printing press.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not_Me View Post
    The funds don't come from taxes. They come from the printing press.
    You're confusing a couple of things here, likely because you want to find Keynesian economic policies or government the root cause for all this, its a popular view. Its not one I agree with.

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