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Thread: Jared Lee Loughner: Death Penalty or no?

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    I think life imprisonment in a maximum security prison with no chance for parole, where you are isolated from people and outside stimulation is a worse punishment than death.
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    Lobotomize for low-maintenance labor. Easy money, harsh punishment, no need for society to be labeled murderous by even the staunchest human rights organizations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    Supposedly it's cheaper to keep prisoners alive than to kill them, but I do believe in the death penalty for extreme cases where the inmate is dangerous not only to society, but is a very real and constant threat to the guards and such who take care of them, the sort of person who will never be rehabilitated and who will probably just keep senselessly killing and killing. It's like putting down a sick animal who one can't keep from attacking the throats of small children.
    This is pretty accurate for me, too. Also, only in cases where the guilt of the person is beyond reasonable or even most unreasonable doubts, as I don't consider the minor happiness someone may feel from death is worth even one innocent person accidentally getting the shot.

    I guess my official position is that I strongly oppose the death penalty, and generally think it's no good, but at the same time I'm not going to get upset in cases like, say, Loughner, Timothy McVeigh or Ted Bundy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    My .02...

    Kill him.

    He's not even worth the price of a bullet.

    Discuss amongst yourselves...
    Because of the American intervention in our affairs, we do not have the death penalty in Europe any more.
    American Constitution is based on the British and French ideas of civil liberties.
    While Europe stagnated, America moved ahead.
    America intervened in European affairs four times, for the benefit of our nations.

    It is easy to love your neighbour. It is hard to love yourself.

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    Being killed for having killed, for having violated the moral code of the non-existent entity 'state'. I think any penatly inflicted upon any person by any state poses a moral paradox. However, if for practical purposes a state chooses to commit such acts, there is little difference between keeping a person in prison for a lifetime and killing them.

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    Who will benefit from JLLs death?

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    The budget.

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    And who will not benefit from JLLs death?

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    I guess by now (2011) it should be clear that the majority of people wont benefit from JLLs death.

    Its counterproductive to kill people in a free society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crevalleJack View Post
    And who will not benefit from JLLs death?
    The people who like him.

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