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Thread: The Political Economy of Power

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    Default The Political Economy of Power

    Interesting podcast at EconTalk featuring Bruce Bueno de Mesquita (what a fantastic name). So, click here.

    Edit: I am aware that it is very long, and quite complicated at times, but I strongly recommend. The book, The Logic of political Survival is great, too.
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    Streaming now. A very Ti argument, but worth listening to, as the Hoover Institution brings good things.

    Edit: About one-third through. The theory is much stronger than the broad thesis statement led me to believe. Mental disassociation of confiscation from velleity is an incredible feat of economic self-hypnosis; good on Bueno de Mesquita to confront it.

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    An interesting theory indeed.

    One wonders if it applies to other forms of leadership also. Especially corporate leadership in corporate America (or abroad even), where the CEO has to keep the Board (Winning coalition) happy but not necessary all the shareholders (the selectorate). Of course the customers, employees and the general public are an entirely different story (potential sharesholders, so kind-of a selectorate for the selectorate).

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