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Thread: Hitler number 2

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    I agree with the last two posts. Lark's because it is well-reasoned, thoughtful and provides some insight, and entropie's because I don't think Hitler was ENTP. And for no other reason. I would use a smiley here, but I don't really like to use smilies.
    Does he want a pillow for his head?

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    That and the attack on russia will be your downfall
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
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    Hitler #2 won't come in the form some f*cked up communist God-Emperor(!?!?!?!) in Asia.

    We are currently seeing nationalistic, "xenophobic" and fascist-populist trends in Europe again.
    They're on the rise. To be honest, the existence of such parties is a legitimate reaction to the culture clash problem with hordes of african and arab muslim immigrants.
    The earlier waves of immigrants and refugees were assimilated much more painlessly into society, and the vast majority supports themselves.
    Walloons, Jews, Jugoslavs, Finns, Greeks, Italians, Turks, Kurds, Germans, Austrians, Dutch, Englishmen. They've all come here and contributed.
    To be honest, the new wave of immigrants costs my country about five times our annual defense budget every year. That's not okay.
    It's hard to see where the problem lies. We never had these problems with the Turks or Kurds, who are also muslims.
    Sure, there's always some initial gruff and farmer-ignorance about newcomers, but it usually passes.
    What we have now is a real freaking problem.

    Notice that I didn't even vote for the far-right nationalist party (the Sweden Democrats). I voted for the left wing pary. I just can't be blind to reality.
    Strangely, the left wing seems to be idealistically blind to these very evident economical, social, criminal and cultural problems.
    I have seen classified justice department reports which clearly states that foreign-born people, who represent about 300.000 in a country of 9 million, are responsible for over 70% of the crimes committed in all categories.
    That they classify reports like that might give you an indication on just how politically incorrect what I am talking about is right now.
    Which is also a reason that things are bursting through the seams. We're not even allowed to discuss this publicly.

    Of course, there are immigrants of other nationalities many of which are secularized muslims, who are ashamed of how some are behaving.

    But like I said, the new Hitler will arise over here. Can't say that it's uncalled for this time, though.
    The wars down there is just the beginning. It'll end with mass-deportations, nuke and pave if this assault on the western world continues.
    Again, not really sure I like it, just saying that it's not uncalled for.
    Really striving to stay objective, and it's hard as hell to not to take into account all the various crimes committed against me personally and people I know.
    We're not even special, and it doesn't matter much where you are, it's not just some isolated ghetto part of town.

    Yikes. Rant.
    Like I said, we're not allowed to talk about this, so seams are sort of starting to burst.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourLocalJesus View Post
    Which is also a reason that things are bursting through the seams. We're not even allowed to discuss this publicly.
    I think that's one of the most significant things there, if you cant discuss it then it becomes roguish or subversive to discuss it and you get shock jocks and irresponsible assholes flocking to a particular opinion, soon it becomes polarised and divided between extremes of opinion and electing to try and see what sense there is in either entrenched opinion becomes impossible, people just make automatic assumptions about bigotry.

    Old school left wing internationalism wouldnt have been too impressed with population flows and flights, that's been forgotten, and I think that a lot of the present world difficulties are legacies of just how badly and simplistically colonialism, anti-colonialism, decolonialism and foreign policy was summed up by the left and some of the independence or seperatist movements they supported.

    Its also not a sensible idea to believe that because you support sharing the wealth that it automatically means sharing it in your own backyard and having everyone over to stay there. Being from northern ireland I know that people here have responded to the local turmoil, violence or economic conditions by joining waves of immigration, the whole country has done it and there's a long history of people doing it too, when the republic of ireland became independent they positively encouraged it for a while themselves but there is also a history of people electing not to take flight and trying their best to stay put and improve things.

    I knew someone who was a Croat who was working in Ireland at the time who said that he'd worked in most parts of continential Europe and would probably vote for radical parties there, he couldnt have cared less about their ideologies or philosophy but he said the same thing, it was casual crime, nuisance behaviour and what he termed the conspicious unemployment of populations of obvious immigrants. He said in a way it was understandable, if you'd grown to adulthood or adolescence in conditions of atrocity and war or abject poverty then you are likely to behave in a particular way as a result but he said he didnt think that European prisons, hospital wards and derelict housing was really the place to warehouse the cast offs of foreign wars and turmoil.

    All of which appears reasonable to me, which is the dangerous thing because I know that these radical parties have strange ass philosophies whatever their actual public policy and they will kill their own supporters or persecute their own populations as easily as any hoarde of outsiders or "others". Particularly floating voters who dont have an entrenched loyalty to them.

    I still dont think those radicals are anything like Hitler, he arose in a pretty unique scenario where the whole country was reeling in shock from consequitive defeats, humiliation, war trauma and vulnerable to being seduced by real weird ass totalitarian ideas, Jung wrote some awesome but uneven stuff about the whole phenomenon going on about Wotan and the like. It has lead, unfairly, to people suggesting that Jung was sympathetic but I dont think so, he just understood what was happening and wasnt a great writer.

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    wtf do you guys think now
    1+1=3 OMFG

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    North Korea is still not Nazi Germany.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    North Korea is still not Nazi Germany.

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