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Thread: How many Wikis are there now?

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    Default How many Wikis are there now?

    I've only really noticed the proliferation of Wikis lately, I'm not talking about the book or other wikis but the partisan sites, I checked something called rational wiki lately seeking to clarify what Poes Law was and got suspiscious.

    I began to realise the site brooked no opposition to the gay agenda for a start, it was all "homophobia", although that's pretty mainstream (writing that could in itself qualify as homophobia to some people) but then I clicked through a couple of pages and saw dialogue boxes like the ones on the regular wiki which indicate something is a stub and unreferenced, only this indicated there was "wing nuttery" and the article was probably "bull shit".

    Disappointing since its a mirror image of the crap that used to feature in the "conservapedia" and the vandalism of the original Wiki, especially of the pages on socialism and the Russian Jewish Bund or Socialist Jewish opposition to Zionism.

    Kind of annoyed that people want to take the difficulty out of thinking or life and just replace it with a kind of ideological football match. Its crap because its seldom a or b its generally c.

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    Where did "wiki" come from anyway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    Where did "wiki" come from anyway?

    What I found.

    (For sheer irony, I had been hoping the etymology would have been explained on a Wiki page, but no such luck in the first entry I looked at.)
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    There has been a concerted effort to slant the regular Wikis to the left on issues likes labor relations and U.S.-Soviet relations. It's pretty annoying.
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