What if we changed that? What would be the results if we measured success by the wellbeing of people? It would be hard to measure, but I think it would be possible. If we started taxing things and services that are harmful to wellbeing and reduce taxes of things that are good for you. We should also take in consideration if the production of goods is harmful to environment or to the people who make these products. To stabilize the economy, we could tax money transactions. That would make it harder for the speculators to make such a mess...
The well being of people can be extremely subjective, no two people have the same principles, some are straight capitalists, some are absolute anarchists, can't deliver well being to both. We would have to change the whole fundamental values of Western and now, Eastern societies and lives. There are people who strive on capitalism and 'freedom of markets' and globalization who will not let it go just for the sake of people's welfare and lose billions of dollars.

I think a huge problem is that a 'bad, corrupt idea' is promoted by a group of powerful people who then, manipulates a larger, neutral group to support the seemingly harmless idea. They manipulate by using the 'same language of western philosophy' and it is all confusing and people can be easily swayed.

Politicians benefit from corporatism and the two can easily influence the masses or just hide facts. The masses are preoccupied with daily livings, jobs and families and consumerism to notice or care. Radical, shifting change are effective if it comes overwhelmingly from the masses but the masses need a motive that is more important and more immediate than their day-to-day livings and buying of things.