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    You know, I was looking at MP's reaction, and I was thinking that a moustache was not necessarily big news, and then I clicked the article and proven how wrong I was.

    That moustache looks familiar, though. I think he may have been in the paper the first time for assaulting his brother, and they thought people would recognize him by his moustache...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chunes View Post
    He only got 4 years for stabbing his brother to death?

    Yeah did you notice that too?!

    I think the guy is totally bonkers, its a shame that it seems the authorities are only dealing with him because he's been racist.

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    Maybe he lines his mustache with mercury. You know that drives ya loony toons, right?

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    Sounds like this guy:

    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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