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    The global goverment under the conditions that are now in force would probably be a disaster. However........

    Towards my opinion liberal capitalism will collapse sooner or later because of its chaotic nature, arrogance and the fact that the planet simply can't take this forever.

    What opens the question what comes after a liberal capitalism ?

    At this point it is fairly obvious that undeveloped countries will just continue to experiance population rise untill they reach a tipping point. After that most of them will simply starve to death. What will leave the rich world without a fair amout of resources that were collected by those poor people and global economy as we know it. What open a number of possibilities. (like global government)

    However global goverment is not as bad concept as it seems. (if done right of course)

    Just because there is a global government that does not mean that you can't have a private company. Actually in this case there would trully be a free marked in a way since all the borders would be gone.

    Also we could cut worlds military budget over 90% since we would not need all those weapons. I mean, do we really need a 30 000 nuclear warheads on this planet ?

    Also such a reduction would unlock trillions of dollars and a huge ammount of resources that could be spent on a quality of life on a global level.
    What would certainly permanently reduce the chances of totalitarism to return the stage as well as the chance that today's politics of nonsense will survive.

    I mean with global goverment the most basic rules of the game will change.

    Also: Wall Street did alot of things that caused the current economic crisis. (I mean really stupid things) So my question is if you can tolerate that someone can effect your life like this, then why it is a problem if a global government is doing something similar ? Especially since with a global government you can have some effect on the decisions, plus there will not be the entire "business secret" thing that is persent on a Wall Street.
    Also there will be so many eyes pointed at that goverment that any case of corruption is less likely by default. (maybe even impossible)

    I am just thinking out loud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    Towards my opinion liberal capitalism will collapse sooner or later because of its chaotic nature, arrogance and the fact that the planet simply can't take this forever.
    Markets largely exist with many of the problems now as they have for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Capitalism, from what I've studied, only seems more prominent to more people because most of the population aren't serfs anymore and have financial autonomy.

    I don't see capitalism really going away.

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    I would say no, really because I think it would just result in an upscaling of the problems whch exist already with government. It doesnt solve a lot of problems, it creates other ones and can menace the very people its supposed to serve in the first place.

    What would the purpose of world government be? Relabel war as civil conflict or civil war? Redistribute even more wealth from the rich to dependent nations than is already happening?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    That's right!

    Or develop realistic looking UFOs, androids, and mesmerizing weaponry to trick the populace into thinking aliens had arrived.

    It will be hard to top the inside job that was 9/11, but the alien conspiracy could do it, hands down.
    Actually, just the other day I was watching a youtube video by an Argentinian analyst where he mentions just that, i.e. staged alien invasion to terrorise the masses and control them. Or a staged messianic figure. Done electronically through holograms.

    It sounds crazy, but someone I know was actually at an event a year or so ago where they holographed someone in. He showed me a video he had taken of it and it looked like the guy was really there.

    YouTube - Salbuchi - 2010 Forecast: Transition from Globalization to World Government -1 of 3

    Do check out this analyst's videos though. Since he's Argentinian he's lived through three financial collapses already. He sees global government as the next step as we come to the end of the globalisation phase.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    There is too much benefit for the elites to gain with the world cut up as it is. The old military strategy of "divide and conquer" holds true.
    I think to a degree, yes. But it's old school. Look at the staged Democrats/Republicans, etc. It's the same government no matter who you vote. It's just a distraction. Similarly, I think that maybe if there's a world government headed by the UN or whatever, that would still just be the front. The nations could continue to exist but without real sovereignty.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Finally, there is no way in hell that there would ever be some high council of Americans, Chinese, Indians, South Americans, Japanes, Europeans, and other world leaders that would agree to share power over a unified world. Hell, none of these leaders want anyone else to have anything to do with their regime whatsoever. You can't expect that 50 alpha dog politicians would agree to share power in any useful capacity. That just seems terribly unrealistic to me.
    You could just destroy the ones who don't agree to the plan. Look at the Iran rhetoric. Or South America. How many politicians and activists were destroyed who tried to maintain their countries' independence.
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    Nooooooooo! bad idea, bad idea, BAD IDEA! Because if it some how becomes corrupt, as governments tend to become, then the whole world would be screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magil View Post
    Nooooooooo! bad idea, bad idea, BAD IDEA! Because if it some how becomes corrupt, as governments tend to become, then the whole world would be screwed.
    Too late

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    World organizations with certain limited powers = Yes.
    World government with overriding authority = No.

    We haven't had a World War since the UN. We could be on number IV or V right now without it and organizations like it, who knows. I actually don't think the UN is powerful enough, and they are hardly encroaching on our liberties. Things like NATO and the World Health Organization, these are good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    We haven't had a World War since the UN. We could be on number IV or V right now without it and organizations like it, who knows.
    between nuclear powers? you sure about that one?

    Regarding world govt., I'm all for it, as long as it's a communist one (in fact you could never have a capitalist world government as national boundaries are inherent to the system).
    "Of course we spent our money in the good times. That's what you're supposed to do in good times! You can't save money in the good times. Then they wouldn't be good times, they'd be 'preparation for the bad times' times."

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    Global government is just the last step before the ultimate victory of totalitarism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    What do you guys think about this idea ?
    When it will be possible to create a first official global government ?
    The only way it would be possible would be for one country to conquer the world like a modern day Roman Empire. I don't see this as a particularly good idea.
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