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    Default Piracy and File Sharing

    I didnt see a thread on this topic so I thought I'd create one, what's your views on piracy?

    Personally I really hate the constant bombardment of anti-piracy information that comes along with any DVD I buy and DVD TV series I buy, some of them have trailers at the beginning and end which its impossible to skip to the menu from.

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    I think the problem is with the companies way of thinking not being in touch with the time. Some people will make a lot of money, while these guys waste it on anti-piracy ads. Take spotify for example. It's legal and it is still convenient for users like me who have got used to getting everything in a minute online.

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    I think artists are overpaid and spoiled. At least those who earn lots on selling CDs.
    CD technology is outdated and next-to nobody uses it anymore.
    "Piracy" is good, because you get to listen to it before you buy it.
    If something is a real work of art, whether it's a pc game, an album, a movie or a series, I will buy it if it is really goddamn awesome.
    If it's not worth my money the evaluation of it saved me from falling for some crap trailer or buying an entire album for one good song.

    The movie business has never earned more money, and yet they are complaining like little children.
    Seriously, there is such a thing as "enough". Especially in a time of economical crisis.

    I think the piracy thing has had a positive impact on how high quality the movies hold.
    Look at 2009 for God's sake. LOTS of awesome movies premiered in the cinemas.
    Movies like Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Inglorious Basterds and X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE will be remembered and held in my personal hall of fame for a long time.
    Seriously nice movies, which I also paid for watching. I will also buy Inglorious Basterds and Avatar on DVD or Blu-ray.

    Piracy is a good thing as it makes people more aware and picky about what they watch.
    The big companies have to react to that and make better movies, instead of those mediocre-ass movies that the 2000's have been known for on the over-all evaluation.
    Same goes for games.

    Musicians shouldn't complain, either. Especially not rich turds like those in Metallica and U2.
    Musicians should make their money touring, not selling pieces of outdated tech(CDs) or selling songs for way too much in shitty applications like iTunes.

    Hell, I want my super-high quality .FLAC files that I can only get on torrent sites, and then I will go see the goddamn band if they come anywhere remotely close to my location for a gig.
    If they don't as in the case of some weird Renaissance music that I like (Wilde Gesellen), i'll buy their album in support if it's really good.

    I'm all for individual piracy, but I am against bootlegging (selling the crap you download).

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    Well said, Jesus... That's a good point.

    I've been hanging around some art communities and it seems like there are so many talented artists who get nothing for their work. This might change as the companies lose their grip. I actually think that all art will necessarily start getting better incredibly fast. It's like with science. If you have access to wide range of ideas, you will develop something out of them. I'm interested to see where the arts are going...

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    Err...artists for the most part aren't overpaid at all. If anything they're underpaid and the production companies take most of the money. But most artists need them for promoting so they have to get signed. Simulated would know a lot more about this.

    I'd rather artists made digital copies of their music available and just made sure there was a PayPal link on their website. And tour more. If there's a band I really like, or an obscure band that released something phenomenal, I'll make sure I get out there and go see the show.

    I do think piracy hurts the artists the most, and the producers not enough, which is a shame. I don't think PC gaming will be around in a couple of years if they don't figure something out with that.

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    Piracy is a difficult issue. Information and entertainment are valuable, but they are also artificially scarce. A person who sells bananas has to pay for every banana that is taken illegally. A person who makes movies will not directly lose money if the movie is watched illegally. On the other hand if people stop paying for movies altogther then they will never be made anymore.

    Essentially what you have is that paying customers pay too much for movies, music, video games, etc... while the pirates do not pay enough. The entertainment will not exist without paying customers, while it is nearly impossible to stop pirates from getting the entertainment for free. I'm not sure there is an easy way to deal with this.
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    I agree with a lot of people about buying something if it's awesome.

    I recently bought and hacked a PSP, and I came to a conclusion:

    If I, a poor college student, bought a used game from a video store, I wouldn't even be supporting the companies I like because they'll see none of the profit, and yet used games are all I'd be able to afford...So...I'mma pirate.
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    When it comes to the bands/musicians I really love and support, I will buy their music, especially if they are on independent labels.

    If i like a Britney spears song, I will pirate it, and i will not feel guilty at all. she has millions.

    I will always pirate movies. I spend 12 bucks to see a movie at the theater, i think i should be able to download it for free after i pay those prices.
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    I have a distaste for intellectual property laws. I don't like their supposed justifications and I don't like their impact.

    I also have a distaste for bloated, malignant corporations.

    So not only do I say it's okay to pirate, I request of you, next time you think about buying some media product, please do consider pirating it instead.
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    To be honest I'm in two minds about it, generally when the opportunity exists to get some cheap merchandise, often earlier than official channels or in the abscence of any official channels supply at all I'll go along with it. That doesnt mean that I support it in principle, its still theft, even if there's a surplus it's still theft.

    For some larger labels, producers and suppliers its not going to cut into their margins too much but it still will, maybe it will effect the artists and maybe it wont and I can understand the lack of sympathy in the cases of artists who appear on Cribs, for them it may mean just one less limo they dont really need but that doesnt alter things too much. Two wrongs dont make a right and illicit redistribution doesnt put a dent in inequality really. Its a long, long way away from structural adjustment.

    Its also a bigger deal than I realised too, I had imagined for a long time that it was only DVDs and CDs, the knock offs that I'd seen on sale in the markets but apparently its possible to download entire books which people have scanned on to the internet at libraries page by page. That kind of thing can wipe out some of the smaller authors and lead to their publishers delisting them. Its happened more often with graphic novels and led to some really talented small time artists having to give up on the idea, which is a shame.

    There's also the whole deal of who it benefits, it could be propaganda by licencing agents but I dont like the idea of knock off disc sales financing bomb attacks by terrorists, prostitution rings and human trafficing. Although like I say I dont know if that's just propaganda, I tend to think that if they thought associating piracy with satanism would put people off they'd do it.

    And like I said before I hate the constant reminders about piracy when most of the time I've bought legal copies and the pirates dont care anyway.

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