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Thread: Miku Natsume forced to resign for being human.

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    Default Miku Natsume forced to resign for being human.

    For those who don't read that here's summarized translations of the article.

    When a private picture of NTV presenter Miku Natsume appeared in weekly magazine Flash, it caused quite a stir because she was holding a box of Sagami condoms. The implication that she was having sex, and even enjoying it, has proved fatal for her career and it has now been announced she will be leaving the broadcaster in December (Japanese). When she was advised she could no longer stay on her main show, a TV insider says that she tearfully begged for a second chance. She was told, however, that her image had suffered irrevocably with housewives who are regarded as a key part of the audience. One of her other shows was discontinued and it became clear she was getting the shove. Natsume was a rising star on the network and a "Save Natsume Group" even formed within the company as the storm broke. They initially tried to claim that the photo came from an AIDS campaign which was in the planning stage but this explanation was believed by no-one. Her supporters quickly realized they were fighting a losing battle and Natsume herself probably realized the game was up when the group dissolved. It's believed that she and her partner are now planning to get married and some believe that, given time, she could yet return to TV with a housewife image herself.
    I've often written about how, on the surface at least, Japan can appear to be a "man's paradise" where males enjoy a special status that would be unthinkable in the U.S. or Europe. And in in a lot of ways, Japan does seem especially geared to fulfill the wishes of men, from those heavenly zettai ryoiki skirts to the immediate approval of a certain blue pill despite it taking 30 years for birth control pills to become legal to use here. Another example of Japan not being on the same plane of reality as the West was popular announcer Miku Natsume, who was forced to resign when a photograph of her holding a box of condoms was publi shed (shock!). With the Democratic Party of Japan's rise to power, some changes are on the way. For example, the government is set to eliminate an automatic tax deduction for spouses, which is being done in part to encourage women who avoid working for tax reasons to get out and start being productive. Another change that's in the pipe is a law allowing married couples to keep their own last names rather than requiring that both parties take the same family name. Currently only Japanese who marry foreigners are able to keep separate last names -- my wife and I do this.
    Essentially: Girl likes sex, girl is exposed with a picture of a box of condoms, girl loses career.
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    Who would have thought the radical right-wing Republican influence reached so far!
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    That's what you get for being part of an ISTJ society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    Who would have thought the radical right-wing Republican influence reached so far!
    Damn them!

    Today, Japan,
    Tomorrow, Yakutzk.
    And, in the future, potentially, Madagascar and Haiti.

    When will their madness be stopped???!

    * * * * *

    ... the story's interesting though.
    Actually, I could have seen that happen here 50 years ago.
    I wonder how long it will take Japan to make the flip.
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    There are a lot of things to be admired about Japan, perhaps even immitated. However, I find its sexism and racism intolerable. I find the idea of seeing something wrong in women enjoying sex as particularly disturbing on so many levels. It does seem as if Japan is following social customs that sort of froze in place while the rest of the developed world moved on.
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    Seriously? I figured the pic was so bad you couldn't post it.

    Ridiculous. Geez. I'm actually more horrifed that she sent a pic without posing it a little better, that desk behind her is distracting from the exciting condom box.

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    I find this hilarious because on a writer's forum we were discussing that whenever you had a sex scene in YA, you HAD to mention the condoms. Leaving them out any mention of sex is absolutely prohibited.

    On the other hand, the picture isn't obscene. So she likes sex. She uses protection! What more do you want from her?
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    So all humans carry boxes of condoms?

    (if the article didn't tell me, I would have no idea from that picture that those are condoms.)
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    Condoms? What is the world coming to!?!1
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