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Thread: TED talks robots

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    Default TED talks robots


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    Rather wandering, but quite interesting. Probably accurate as well on some details, though some of it's very much so supposition, the mechanical and technological aspects, however, are pretty consistent.

    There actually *ARE* artificial eyes already that can see shapes; the most recent one I'm aware of had a 16 point matrix, which upped to a 121 matrix shortly after, not really enough to see 'much', it just could see light and dark on a 4x4 and then a 11x11 grid, enough that if one were up close to an object though, that they could 'see' the vague shape outline. The next phaze of that is supposed to have a several thousand strong matrix, and should be capable of fairly fine detail, even at a distance.

    That being said, things are already moving that way already, and being able to mechanically engineer 'better' parts than the default ones isn't really all that far off. And then we'll get Gattaca >.>

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