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Thread: One of last British WWI vets laid to rest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penda View Post
    The death of the last World War I veterans truly marks the end of an era,
    I agree.
    and we are witness to the last dying gasps of a sense of honor and courage that will soon be unknown.
    I wouldn't be so quick to say that, actually. There will always be people with that sense of honor and courage... some people are just built that way. And I'm sure many of them managed to pass it on to their children, even if not all of them managed to. Remember this quote:
    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    Mr Allingham's medals were carried by two of his 16 great-grandchildren who are both currently serving in the US Navy.
    The fact that his great grandchildren are in the military hints that a lot of them probably do still have some of the potential for that in them, even if it hasn't been refined by a terrible war.

    I guess my point is... ideas and character traits don't really die with individual people. They are eternal. People are just the medium though which ideas and traits make themselves manifest. A comforting thought when contemplating death.

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    Yeah I suppose you are right, Athenian. Although, I wish I could find more examples of modern day heroes of that caliber. I don't think people have gotten any worse, but the types of people that are honored these days don't seem to have much going for them. Anyways, rather than me trying to make a halfhearted complaint about society, cheers to all the people who died or lived through those miserable wars.
    There are miles to go before I sleep...

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