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Thread: What is the world's oldest surviving race?

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    Race is a social construct, not a scientific reality.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post
    Elves I think.

    The race of Quinlans can trace their heritage back before the stone age...
    That reminds me of a story. An old friend worked the summer holidays in an antique shop in Brighton. Back in the 90s a summer day in Brighton was a day in heaven. The shop did a reasonable trade, but every now and again the clientel were a disappointment.

    One day, a ludicrous overweight family with a hyperactive dog entered the store; the big dog's wagging tail catching various artifacts and bric-a-brac. The big family, fat arses nudging over Greek urns and Chinese pots. Smash, crash, wallop.

    Looking for a sign of contrition, my friend asked - Aren't you going to pay for the damage, the antiques are very old.

    Obviously the perfect response would have been, "Good job the pots weren't new, mate". But, no.

    Sadly the answer was, "No - it was an accident", as they departed with the big dog, cracking open another can of lager and laughing loudly as they piled into the antiquarian book shop next door.

    "Got a light, mate?" enquired the pregnant daughter, a slavver of lager running down her t-shirt: Little Miss Sunshine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nebbykoo View Post
    Calm down.
    I never said the word 'meaningless'. You did. I said it was largely useless as a way of classifying humans.
    Dogs? Yes, breeds are meaningful for dogs, because humans want to breed them to accentuate superficial characteristics. Unless you plan on breeding humans, I don't see the connection.
    So if another species was breeding humans, race would be useful. But since that's not happening, it's not?
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    The oldest race is the drag race. I'm not sure when it started, but I hear it was the first car vs. horse buggy.

    [Edit] If we're talking the purest car, I would have to say it goes to the RX line by Mazda. Wankel engine fury, and it remains consistent and more refined with each generation. Bytchin'
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    The DisneyGeek race has been around since before the universe was created.

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    indus valley civilization is the oldest civilization known to man

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    The 200m dash.
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    Hmm, I think I'll pass up the deeply tempting opportunity to discuss the etymology of the word "race" in favour of actually answering the op as best I can.

    I think the best contenders, if I've understood the question correctly, are probably the population of African hunter-gatherers commonly known as the "Bushmen" or "San":

    Bushmen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A quick quote from here:
    The broad study of African genetic diversity headed by Sarah Tishkoff found the San people had the greatest genetic diversity among the 113 distinct populations sampled, making them one of 14 "ancestral population clusters".[2] But arguably, their Haplogroup A is not the oldest DNA itself, but the oldest divergence from the "genetic Adam"'s DNA. If so, they represent an isolated genetic group, and not a common ancestral group to the rest of humanity.
    Whatever: predictable scientific nitpicking aside they do seem to be agreeing that they represent, at least in genetic terms, the oldest human population.

    Other races that have particularly ancient cultures and long isolation from other societies which *may* have led them to keep genetic and physiological traits closer to their ancestral type than most include the Andamanese Andamanese - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as well as (as someone mentioned) the Australian aborigines.

    The Andamanese have been studied quite a lot by geneticists too, if you're really interested you could try this: http://

    I'll quote the bit that seems most significant in this context:
    It has been suggested that
    haplogroup M is a genetic indicator of the
    migration of modern Homo sapiens from
    eastern Africa toward Southeast Asia,
    Australia, and Oceania [12]. Analysis of
    mtDNA coding sites indicated that these
    Andamanese fall into a subgroup of M not
    previously identified in human populations in
    Africa and Asia
    ; this finding suggests an early
    split from these populations.
    Edit: Oops, sorry, lots of complicated scientific evidence and stuff there. I forgot this was supposed to be an evidence-free thread based on pure speculation and irrelevant statements of opinion. I'll try to remember next time
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    Human as a species? You got to be kidding.

    Crocodillians probably. Reptillians in general maybe.

    Among humans, so cultures so to speak. Aboriginals and indians are probably among the oldest fairly unchanging cultures.

    Most cultures are very dynamic though so can't really be said how old they are.

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