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Thread: White House Invites Gay Families to Easter Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    The punishment in the Bible (depending on which of the 132 versions you think is real) for a sin, is a sin itself: Murder.
    According to a version of the Bible, it's acceptable behavior to stone to death a woman who cheated on her husband.

    Yes siree Bob, gotta love that Bible if you are into violent solutions.

    How about creating AK-47 day? If your neighbor steals your trash can,
    you can gun them down in broad daylight. That's as rational as stoning a woman.

    We should add AK-47 day to the next version of the Bible due out in 2010.
    That would be version 133 of the Bible, better known as THE Bible, suggestive of a single version.
    By versions do you mean translations? Since when is the law a sin? We don't condemn those on a jury for deciding if someone is guilty or not. we don't condemn those that carry out the punishment on the individual. All blame typically goes to the government, the higher responsibility and authority.
    - Caleb

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    It's all silly. Easter is a fun holiday where little kids get to dye, hide and find eggs. They get candy in Easter baskets and then get to eat some big meal with their family (typically)

    Parents are parents, and kids are kids - no matter what little "group" people may try to put them into. Good for Obama for extending the invitation, at the same time warning any die-hards that think they might "catch" something so they can make other plans.

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