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Thread: Paying the Bills for the Dead

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    Default Paying the Bills for the Dead

    For U.S. debt collectors, the dead are a healthy bet - International Herald Tribune

    For U.S. debt collectors, the dead are a healthy bet
    By David Streitfeld Published: March 4, 2009

    MINNEAPOLIS: The banks need another bailout and countless homeowners cannot handle their mortgage payments, but one group is paying its bills: the dead.

    Dozens of specially trained agents work on the third floor of DCM Services here, calling up the dear departed's next of kin and kindly asking if they want to settle the balance on a credit card or bank loan, or perhaps make that final utility bill or cellphone payment.

    The people on the other end of the line often have no legal obligation to assume the debt of a spouse, sibling or parent. But they take responsibility for it anyway.

    "I am out of work now, to be honest with you, and money is very tight for us," one man declared on a recent phone call after he was apprised of his late mother-in-law's $280 credit card bill. He promised to pay $15 a month.(more at link)

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    The most disturbing part of that article is that the employees get personal masseuses and Foosball tables to help them deal with their hard job. Not to mention they are trained to be empathetic. geez.

    what about the people who are paying for a debt they shouldn't have to? why don't they get personal masseuses and Foosball tables?
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