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Thread: 13 Year old Father

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    Threads merged, moved to current events.
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    ^ Im glad your mother thought to teach you such things so young. My parents did this three step thing: mention the basics at age 12, have a serious discussion at age 16, and finally the "I'll help you with birth control, when you're ready just tell me."

    My parents never were adverse to sex, nor did they teach me it was wrong.. just that it's an adult decision for adults, and i'll be one before I know it. I have the same mentality for my sister.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    ...Good night.

    Absolutely amazing, having sex at 12 years old.. Moreless all the rest.
    I was just going to say the little dude's an amazing playa'. She's even two years older.

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    Probably hooked up at a Pokemon match.
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    You know what's crazy?
    When that kid is my age, his son will be eleven years old.

    At least he'll never be teased for being a virgin...

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    Are they sure it was his? I'm not overly interested but I wonder...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    Are they sure it was his? I'm not overly interested but I wonder...
    Funny you should say, here's an update.

    However, on Sunday the Sun's sister paper, the News of the World, reported that Richard Goodsell, aged 16, was claiming he was Maisie's father.

    "I know I could be the father. Everyone thinks I am. My friends all tell me that baby has my eyes -- even my mum thinks so.

    "Only a DNA test is going to sort this out properly. If I am the father, I have the right to know," he told the News of the World.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    Birth control pills work. I'm not sure if that's something your family is against though.
    There's no way in hell I'd trust an already-proven-irresponsible teenager to take birth control pills at the same time every single day. Even adults mess up on those things. And I'd be concerned about the effects of putting more hormones in a kid who seems to have more than her fair share of the natural kind.

    I might look into a copper IUD in that case. The insertion might hurt a little more than it would for a grown woman, but it won't hurt nearly as much as labor & delivery would.
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    Um, okay. Isn't it generally considered mostly unsafe for someone who hasn't already had children to use an IUD? My mother is a sexual health educator for third world countries and she showed me a study on various birth control methods. There are many pills that work much better for teenagers and can actually regulate their hormones i.e they would have shorter, more manageable periods, their skin clears up. There are even some that deal with the hormonal moodiness that is such a big deal in teenagers.

    There are also birth control methods that adjust to your own hormone levels like NuvaRing and you only have to remember to insert and remove it once a month.

    I'm just saying, I would rather deal with the ravings of a hormonal teenager on birth control than the ravings of a hormonal teenager who is pregnant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    Funny you should say, here's an update.
    Update 2.

    Apparently there is more than one potential father... Looks like our Alfie might be the chump that's left holding the, er, baby.

    As we say in Scotland, "last one on's the father". Look at this brainless pair of idiots and watch their white trash lives unravel. For our amusement. Ha.

    Schoolboy father: Alfie Patten may take DNA test after two more teens claim paternity - Telegraph

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