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Thread: Intelligence or Creativity: Pick One.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litvyak View Post
    If "intelligence = IQ" in the poll, note that the most (artistically) creative people score in the "higher than average" domain (more or less around 120-130), so highly intelligent people or people with average IQ are less likely to be "creative".
    Are you entirely sure about that?

    IQ tests measure the ability for the brain to recognize patterns, which is primarily a left-brained activity. Ergo, I would assume they're biased to logical sorts of people, not the artistic right-brainers.

    It's more of an outlook of how one approaches life rather than anything intrinsic. Have you ever read Outliers? Malcolm Gladwell brought up this neat little anecdote where in a test that was designed to test lateral thinking and creativity the most intelligent students didn't always score as well as the more lay ones in the 120-130 range.

    Actually, damn, I just realized I agreed with you

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    High intelligence with low creativity sounds very boring. Right I'm average intelligence with low creativity. Let's have some creativity for a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forzen View Post
    I found your post funny, because its the very defination of the characteristic of ISTJ as describe by MBTI.
    We ISTJs don't get a lot of love here.

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    I chose what I already have: high intelligence, low creativity.

    Definitely more useful in the world, thankfully.

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