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Thread: Morality and Logic

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    Convincing to who exactly?

    An argument against my beliefs:

    Lying, cheating, and stealing is perfectly moral general practice, as long as the liar, cheater, or stealer doesn't get caught.

    If one lies and no one knows, those who were deceived deserved the deception due to lack of discernment.

    If one cheats and is not caught, the system has flaws and ought to be exploited.

    If one steals without being identified as the culprit, then, like when cheating has no consequence, the system has flaws and should be exploited.

    We should after-all only do what is best for ourselves.

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    My belief: You should love your neighbor as yourself.

    My argument: You should love yourself more than anyone else. This will build confidence and make you successful. Don't look out for anyone else. If you just look out for yourself, then everyone else will too. Then because of competition everyone will reach their maximum ability of competence. The selfish world will build the most efficient world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    Where the hell do you live?
    Finland. How did you find it so weird? All the countries rely on their people to work hard, buy stuff and pay taxes. My real opinion on this obviously is that if they talk about freedom and the people are running the same circle from a generation to generation, they are not in fact as free as they think.

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    Hierarchical theocratic systems lead to stable governments. Meritocracy is to be discouraged because it upsets social order and a lifetime directed toward a specific goal based on social class leads to more efficient results for the welfare of society than a lifetime centered around the frivolous pursuit of personal pleasure. Granting individual liberty to your citizens lessens the control a theocratic monarch has over his empire. Also, boobs are nothing more than fat mammary glands and hot sauce sucks.
    No offense.

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