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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarlaxle View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Christianity preach that once these child raping & murdering people accept Jesus Christ as their savior (And according to jail statistics they will almost certainly will), they will be accepted into heaven? Didn't Jesus die for their sins, including those? And if that's the case, isn't god the lenient one? If god is rewarding our child murdering rapist, and we still agree that this is bad behavior, are we not creating a moral standard divorced from that of god?

    Look, I don't expect you to change your beliefs in regards to god or religious morals, that is your own business, but I do think you are capable of understanding how atheists and agnostic are able to incorporate humanitarian and empathetic values without dependence of god, because if you believe that the child killing rapists are doing something bad - despite the belief that god might later accept them into heaven - you are doing the same.

    And I am guessing you do, because you are capable of visualizing the pain of the daughters and their parents and see how much suffering these action cause, and you are capable of getting angry at these bastards for causing it, and wishing them away. You don't need the belief in god, you just need a belief in other people.
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    I must add to your second para: empathy is biological. Unless you are a psychopath we all have empathy to various degrees. It's not something one need sto sit down, think and incorporated into one's life and it's definitely not something that only has its roots in a god fearing culture - i believe yiu mentioned the latter.
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    For example when atheist (OR MOST PEOPLE) hear stories of unjust, corruption, rape, murder, brutality etc happening in a completely different community, country, religious group, ethnicity there is feelings of sadness followed by anger and a strong need to see justice taking place/counter action.

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    @Beorn ^

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    "If you don't believe in my conception of God, then I can rape your family, and you have no way to judge me as wrong" is about the most baseless moral argument I have ever heard.

    This guy will go into a Confucian home in China and do this?

    He would go into a secular humanist's and do this?

    Religions besides Christianity have moral codes. Atheists have moral codes.

    Most Atheists I know have a better understanding of what Jesus preached than any Christian I know understands what Confucius or John Rawls wrote.

    Some have spent years studying the Bible even with serious consideration to becoming Christian.

    The only Christians I know who have informed themselves that deeply about another belief system are Christian Appologists.
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    The argument here, used by many religious people is that people are naturally evil. That we all want to rape, kill, dominate and destroy and the only way we can be saved is through the word of their god alone. Here they go again, using fear as a weapon.

    Y'know I've seen small children do what small children do, that amazing state before society has the chance to mould them. And you know what, they behave better than we do, there is an instinctual kindness and sociability to them. They do not judge us and they do not hate. This goes to show this fearmongering from the religious is artificial and toxic.

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