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Thread: Listening to your heart

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    I think listening to it can feel just like listening to another thought or option, however this one is usually recurring and persistent. The experience part comes through acting in line with that desire. For me it's usually a feeling of rightness, wholeness, goodness, and following a path that is somehow fated for me.

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    "The heart wants what it wants", and when it speaks to me, I listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    What does it feel like when your heart speaks to you?

    What do you experience?
    Go this way or that way according to what is right/'s not really listening to feelings (they kinda point the way ---->), it's more like trying to feel out the direction that leads to what I believe in. Like a lighthouse maybe? Ignoring it gives me a bad feeling. Maybe not in the beginning but if I really need to pay attention, I can't keep in stupid-stubborn mode for long. Oddly enough, this happens when I'm only going by emotions.

    ... this is hard to explain! And it's oh so tidy and eloquent in my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebeccasofia View Post
    "The heart wants what it wants", and when it speaks to me, I listen.
    The heart has its reasons, reason knowns not.
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