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Thread: What are your ethics/morals based on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Such Irony View Post
    Also yes to "what will help in the long run" rather than "how this makes me feel right now"
    If I have a feeling of what's right or wrong I go with it. I don't usually come to definite conclusions about it, but I have a lot of such feelings.

    As far as actual ethics are concerned, I have sort of an objective welfare position balanced with what's fair and a balance of well-being. I guess central would be respect for life and respect for the power of the laws of nature and the Earth.

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    The bible

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    A preference for constructive outcomes over destructive ones. This is informed by the widest perspective possible based on both empathy and reason. I try to place my own perspective in a larger context and relate what is inside me with what is outside of me. If I don't like to feel pain, I compare this with empathy for others to value a lack of pain for the other person as well. The personal experience of pain helps to inform my understanding of the pain of others, but I make an effort to include empathy and reason, so that my understanding of another person's pain is not merely a projection of my own. Personal experience is one piece of the puzzle. It informs, but doesn't dictate the whole understanding of it.

    I generally stick to just a few core values that can be applied to specific contexts with some fluidity.
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    For me, it is the principle of minimizing harm.

    Figuring out what the harm might be for various choices, unfortunately, is not as easy task.

    Things like decorum, taste, harmony, are secondary, but still the principle of minimizing harm tends to encourage these things (except of course when they do harm).

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    ^ That is a good guideline, very similar to the Wiccan "if it harm none do as you will".

    I think of that, too, but more positively try to act to maximize the self-fulfillment of people, both myself and others.
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    My morals and ethics are based on Hobbes, Machiavelli, Sibelthorpe, Morgenthau, Thuycides, Lord Salisbury, and Otto von Bismarck.

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    I am an egocentric utilitarian.
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    an idea of live and let live

    also, that nobody chooses where they're born or what situation they are born into, and therefore it's not really right to punish someone for that... which isn't the way that society works and that displeases me
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    Morality is an external system of principles that vary upon culture. In the end, we either turn to these or we turn to within, often to feel better about ourselves. But often, even those lines can seem to blur. I do not believe there is a universal right or wrong, but I do believe that in having values we have control and do not operate on mere instinct so in a way it is like mastering oneself, a degree of self control and awareness.

    So I still value it's importance as long it follows that actions weak or petty seeming or without meaning, like if someone has there back turned in a fight, you don't hit them from behind and then rub it in that you won. You cheated, and that in itself is weak and proves nothing of your own strength and is thus dishonorable. Or like on murder mysteries all the people killing other people over jealousy which is nonsensical, enforcing the whole "If I can't have him no one can" childish pure negative emotional based behavior, loss of self control. I have a logical basis for self-control. These all lack logical basis and show lack of control, which is the core of what my values would be against.

    I have essentially built my own structure off logic and self-control basically. A balance, of the two. But have nothing to do with societies values.

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