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Thread: Does The Thought of God Not Existing Terrify You?

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    Default Does The Thought of God Not Existing Terrify You?

    I'll start with myself. Yes it does. As a human being part of the human species, I can tell what human beings may be capable of and as knowledge and intellect increases, there is this potentiality of humans ending up destroying or decimating themselves along with other lifeforms on this planet. As Michel de Montaigne once said “I have never seen a greater monster or miracle in the world than myself.”

    Now going into crazy territory of life after death and the assumption that a soul exists, I think even such an afterlife can be quite "not as heavenly as one might have assumed when one was alive in the physical corporeal form." Who knows what the political system is on The Other Side or the Afterlife whether it be communism, socialism, libertarianism, anarchism, dictatorship, monarchy, capitalism, anarchosynicalism, anarchocapitalism, fiscal conservatism, some kind of tyrannical or non-tyrannical system, etc. It could very well be heaven or hell or consists of some degree of both the good and the bad.
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    no I mean what does it matter if god exists or not? in the large scheme of things we've made progress regardless. sure will probably end up fucking ourselves in the ass, but that doesn't disprove the existance of god nor the existance of god

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    No, it doesn't scare me, but that's because I already don't assume that God exists.

    So I'm not sure why the afterlife matters in lieu of that. Either there is no afterlife, or the afterlife wouldn't be any different than the current way of things and I'd just adapt to it like I have adapted to this life. I suppose one could be feel at a disadvantage with no "eternal justice" to reward good behavior or promise that "God" would right wrongs and even scores, but... that's not a lot different than now.
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    It's quite the opposite for me.

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    Yes, that thought does disturb me at least. If you ask me, this place needs a god. I'm not one of those atheists who is glad to be an atheist and wouldn't have it any other way. I wish there were a god. I wish there were justice. Things aren't right in this world. I want god like I want the police department, like I want great doctors, like I want anyone who helps make the world a safer and happier place. Because I believe in a world that is BETTER. Some people don't think life could be interesting or worthwhile if everything were good and perfect. I beg to differ. Life becomes more meaningful, more interesting when there are fewer problems. If a better world doesn't motivate you, what does? Why live at all? This is all coming to a point and that point is the end of death, disease and suffering. It's funny, the very same people who rally behind those pink cancer awareness ribbons have probably never even asked themselves what a cure for cancer, and all disease, would mean. We are striving to defeat death. And yet, something tells me that many of those same people would, once they actually thought about it, have a problem with that simply because they have never even imagined a world without death--thinking it was inevitable, they accepted it and began to rationalize it, attempting to see it in a positive light.

    I ramble. Point is, since God doesn't exist, we have to do this work ourselves. It means what we do MATTERS. There is a RIGHT AND WRONG. We are responsible for ourselves, and there are some terrible things we could be capable of. So yes, the thought of a godless universe HORRIFIES me, and that is why I find everything so important. There's no one looking out for us. We have been through some dark fucking times. We've burned people, butchered them, starved them by the million, riddled them with poisons and bullets, incinerated them... We have to believe that we will rise above our past, we have to believe that we will rise above our Darwinian programming, otherwise we might as well not live. BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. I wouldn't say that if I didn't think a bunch of people on this forum need to hear it. And make sure that something is REAL.

    We enjoy these freedoms and luxuries today because people saw the dark place this Earth has been and they decided they'd rather fight and risk death than continue to live in it unchanged. I saw Braveheart on TV last night, a good example of this. That guy didn't give a fuck to live no life where he was dominated by a bunch of psychopaths. And he didn't. Other heroes don't either. Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela. Etc. The list goes on, and these are the people we have to thank. These people believed in a better world. It's not subjective, no more than medicinal health is subjective. Wake up.

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    I'm not afraid of the thought that God doesn't exist, but I am afraid of the thought that there is nothing after death but the dark abyss that is non-existence. I don't want to perish from this place, I like it.

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    Doesnt frighten me a all. I'd rather this place was existential chaos than some form of training school where we have to prove ourselves and our worthiness. It goes without saying that based on present performance I would fail miserably. Better to just be heading toward an abyss than be judged.

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