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Thread: Pride is at the root of all evil

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    I do not believe that big pride is the root of all evil, the question some of you guys should ask yourself and those of who have bog egos at times. Why do I have so much pride and why am I blinded by it. It is simple, it is our fear. The fear of feeling inferior to anybody, the fear that someone is hunting us and so on. Think of the history of slavery in America, thr killing of black civil rights leaders and John F. Kennedy. The obvious reason that white supremacist did this is because of fear and most of them were arrogant. Another example is king Ramsae enslaving the hebrews, that spark fear in ramsae thinking that the hebrews were going to rebel against and that us why he had thise boys killed. Then he acted arrogantly. In both scenarios, it was their fear of something that led them to be prideful or act prideful. Then they should ask what causes their fear, it is desire and desire is basically what do you want to happen or have and if someone is in your way of your desire, it will cause fear in you and then you act on that fear. Then we can say that your lustful desire is the root of all evil.

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    Our parents tell us they are proud of us, and we respond with all the pride of an obedient child.
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