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Thread: Karma: real or ridiculous?

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    Glad you added "intentions." I think you're right. They matter.
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    All people who are interested in that subject use the same words : vibes, intentions, being affected directly or later, and the word RIGHT.

    Bouddhism teaches you a way of thinking which seems weird for people thinking "We only live once". We could indeed suppose humanity has its own perception of things which is (very) limited. If one takes a look at spiritual movies or documentaries, one understands easily that time is what we can't control. "Time is flying" or other idioms show that, science-fiction...etc.
    But as a human being we need some landmarks and points of references. We can see what is concrete right now, but we can't imagine what will be the consequences of some actions (even in some few years).

    If we think Justice, why would it be just HERE & NOW ? Why wouldn't my body be like an envelop ? What counts is indeed the intention of the person who writes (what drives us), the meaning, the pressure of the pen on the paper, and how the message will affect me.

    And we're all writing our lives...
    I'm reading a book on magnetism after having attended a lecture, and all I can say is : the mystery will remain the mystery because we're just human. BUT : We can work onto our energies and understand them : they do have a meaning. I always try to understand why some things happened to me, and not to my neighbour. Luck or bad luck, levels of consciousness, or sometimes just "lottery"? Even if you decide to play the lottery you have to choose...
    And Karma speaks of FREE WILL indeed.

    So karma or not karma, I just follow the vibes like a cat would follow a fly...
    If one pays attention to vibes around him/her and uses reason, there is no point of asking "is that my karma".
    Yes it is

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    Hogwash. There is no reason or evidence to support it's exsistance.
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    Traditionally karma refers to the next life, while the New Age has reinterpreted karma to refer to this life.

    And frankly I don't think there is any evidence of a next life, and I also think the New Age reinterpretation is entirly narcissistic.

    But how we love our karma.
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    I invoke 'karma' in speech sometimes but don't actually count on anything actually happening. It's more akin to cursing the other person/warning them that their actions aren't good for themselves either.

    Mechanically what you might call 'karma' is the eventual consequence of their actions, but it's not something supernatural or willed by some sense of right or wrong. It just happens and is logical in retrospect.

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    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Positive and negative energy.

    Push a surface, it pushes back, pull a handle, it pulls back,

    Do good for the world, it does good back. Do bad to the world, it does bad back.

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    *Adding to my original post

    I think to say that karma distinguishes between good and bad is not what karma represents btw. At its fundamental level, it asserts that there is an effect for every cause. On the Buddhist level of death, it's to mean there will be an effect to the lives of others from the life you lived.

    Of course, if you don't believe in cause and effect, but in the synchronicity of being or of the future (re)defining/changing the meaning of the past then we have a problem:

    1. For example, let's say cause and effect is in everything, then the more someone understands the nature of how things play out around them (and everyone has their own nature that complicates this), the more real karma becomes - because then you can predict what effect your actions will produce, placing a greater responsibility on the choices you make.
    2. But then let's say that you find how someone viewed the past to depend solely on how they viewed that past from the future. This makes sense because we can choose to see our past in different ways. Well, now we have a problem because we can change the cause by redefining its meaning and changing how we see it.

    So I'd say karma does exist when the effects of actions can be accurately predicted, but doesn't when they are unpredictable or when synchronicity is involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mole View Post
    Karma is a superstition based on a belief in the supernatural.

    But more important, Karma is a fashionable belief of the New Age.

    Yes, when we can't increase our status with religion, we turn to the latest fashion, and shyly admit we see and feel Karma operating around us. And so we raise our status in the eyes of others. It must be Karma.

    How do you explain all the bad people who are never punished, and all the good people who die young? What about those born with disabilities? Are they bad people? Huh? Answer me!
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    A guy slapped me once, and I slapped him back a lot harder. Boom, Karma.

    But yeah, why wasn't Hitler kept alive and sodomized by dogs for the rest of his life?

    One thing's for sure, there's some weird shit that goes on and very odd coincidences and chance meetings and so forth. I experience Synchronicity frequently.

    So an ex gf kept telling me how she couldn't find her name on the coke bottles, and it's a really common name. She says that she looks everytime she's out shopping, at coke bottles. To see if her name is on it (ok whatever). But she's telling me this at a CVS pharmacy while she's looking for a coke in a small refrigerator with like 5, and finds her name. I think I said something like "I'm you're lucky charm!" but it was indeed odd. And that kind of stuff used to happen between as a lot when we were together.
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    Sodomized by dogs for the rest of his life...of all the

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