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Thread: Why do we enjoy the suffering of others?

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    I don't enjoy watching anyone suffer and I don't agree with people who do, for any reason. We should be trying to help people in any way we can, even if it isn't much. I'm going to start carrying water bottles with me whenever I leave the house and hand them out to people who are stuck out in the heat. It's still ~90 degrees over here. Hell, even just stopping and thanking my university's landscapers who get paid crappy wages to work out in the heat in the middle of the day represents the smallest of gestures that we all should be doing to help others feel a little less miserable each day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijynx View Post
    I agree that it has to do with empathy, but I wouldn't say it's projection. I think some people want others to suffer as a way to make others feel what they feel. So essentially it's a way of forcing others to empathize with you.

    "Now do you see? Now you feel my pain. Now you understand."

    At least, that's how I am when I'm in that mode. *edit* Not that I bully people, but you get the idea.
    I think the world is big enough for both our views to be applicable.
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    I don't know that 'we' do, meaning that I don't although I'm sure others do. I do enjoy seeing people suffer in their struggles towards growth, I get a specific feeling of solidarity and maybe just a hint of fuzzy sadism if I've been in that place before. I don't get any joy out of seeing people suffer for suffering's sake.

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