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Thread: "In a certain light, wouldn't nuclear war be exciting?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    Hardly comparable, given the long and detailed history of Russian savagery, and that one isolated incident of Americans acting like savages, like the Hatfields and the McCoys, African-American slavery, school shootings, and the Abu Ghraib prison torture.

    I'm not sure where to continue with this, so I am headed for bed. Nice talking to you, as always. Sleep well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    I'm not sure where to continue with this, so I am headed for bed. Nice talking to you, as always. Sleep well.
    I know. My ancestors on the Trail of Tears thank you for complimenting the American white man's superior ability to refrain from being savages, unlike those chess playing Russians.
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    I'm moving the useless discussion of who's trolling whom to OT posts. I would advise both of you to shut up right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    And what if you don't die, smart guy?
    "smart guy", huh? It's almost like you're trying to mock me.

    The odds of survival of all-out, world-wide nuclear war are slim. The world as we know it would end, and far more likely it would lead to the all-but-extinction of the human race. There's a reason the concept of mutually assured destruction actually seems to work.

    On the off chance that I did survive, I fail to see why you seem to think that it would be a game-changer for me. I'd likely die of the radioactive fallout soon afterwards, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    Taken from OkCupid!

    Wanted to know what goes through people's mind when they answer this question.
    In a certain light... yes but in most instances, NO.

    Why does it have to be a value judgement? There is a difference between "In a certain light..." and "I find nuclear war fun and exciting... let's have it now".
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    Did read the thread, but it informed my ultimate decision not to answer the question.

    Just because a "certain light" is possible to find doesn't mean that the "light" is a good one or worth looking for. Yes, we have intuition. Yes, we can interpret anything any way we want to. However, having the ability to do something--even inside our minds--doesn't give us a free moral pass to do it without discrimination. There's a time and a place for play.

    The way this topic played out really made me think. I won't soon forget it.
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    I voted no. You must be really fuckin bored to think that! You should reflect on that instead of looking for global issues to get your kicks for you. Typical INTP, Bad @Rasofy!

    Having said that:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    I'll be in Argentina next month on business (fingers crossed) so if a nuclear war breaks out in that time, maybe us two can refound the forum?

    Provided the wind is blowing in the right direction.

    Also I don't want any Spanish bastards claiming asylum, we will apply strict immigration controls just like they do for the "sudacas"!

    /sideways swipe at a nationality not well reprsented on the forum

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    In theory, some sort of apocalyptic event would be interesting. The aftermath, at the very least. How would we adapt? Would we? Exciting in a way, yes. Pleasant, probably not.*

    *Especially [if Hollywood's taught me anything] if our post-apocalyptic leader ends up being Kevin Costner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    I'm moving the useless discussion of who's trolling whom to OT posts.
    I also did this.

    There was enough uselessness removed that mine and Ivy's posts are, like, a half-page from one another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Webslinger View Post
    Just because a "certain light" is possible to find doesn't mean that the "light" is a good one or worth looking for.
    ^ This.

    @Marmotini: Acknowledging that something COULD be interesting if viewed in a particular light just means putting yourself into an imaginary position; it doesn't mean you agree with it, or would ever agree with it. I relate to how others in this thread have been able to detach in order to put themselves in that position. (Which isn't to say that I agree with everything they've said so far on this thread -- sorry, @Rasofy, but telling anyone to enjoy rape while it's happening is completely inexcusable.) I COULD do the same thing, and I COULD say that it would be interesting from a certain perspective -- but the thing is, putting myself in that perspective, like you've been saying, would be a really bad idea for any number of reasons.

    Which is why, on OKCupid, my answer to that question was "no", with the comment "That would be viewing things more impersonally than I'm comfortable with." Acknowledging that viewing things like that is possible, but also acknowledging the moral aspects of the question.

    So even though I generally agree with you, Marm, I'm posting here to say that there's a difference between acknowledging that possibility and actually being morally okay with it. Seeing things from another point of view doesn't necessitate sacrificing your own moral code.
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