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Thread: Religious obligations to carry out geneological research?

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    Default Religious obligations to carry out geneological research?

    I was wondering about this, does anyone belong to or know about any religions which have an obligation for observers or followers to research their family trees or ancestory?

    So far I've heard that the Mormons and Jews do this, I dont know if it is a religious obligation among Jews or just popular. I have no idea as to what the religious obligation or tie is though.

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    Can't speak for the Jewish but for the Mormons (as a former mormon, formon if you will) it isn't so much an "obligation" as a service done for their ancestors. If you believed that you had to have temple work done in order to receive the highest level of exaltation and knew that the only way for some to receive that work was vicariously you may feel inclined to give them that service. My mormon parents still do this and I'm pretty sure this is their take on it.

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